Cook Sheds in Bryan, Texas

If you’re searching for a portable shed in Lecanto, Florida, then stop by MKM Properties and talk with a Cook Sales Representative like Donna Bishop. You’ll be directed to the shed you need for the space you have.

Donna’s family knew the quality of Cook buildings, having one that’s lasted more than 20 years.  “They’re built very solid. And they have a lifetime warranty. I mean, nobody does that,” Donna says.

So, after moving back to the area, she began selling Cook sheds. “I have confidence in the product.  I couldn’t sell something that I didn’t believe in,” Donna says.

There of course is always the option to rent a storage unit, but Donna says a Cook shed is the more economical choice. “I’ve seen people pay storage fees for 10 years, when you can pay off a Cook shed in less than 4 years,” Donna explains. “It’s really a nice option to offer people.”

Donna has found that most people are looking to free up space in their garage or add a little workshop to their backyard. She’s had one customer who created an upholstery workshop in his Cook shed, so he can be at home and have all of his supplies in one location.

“I try to discover what they need a shed for, so I can lead them to the best options,” she says. The most popular shed in Lecanto is the 12×16 Lofted Barn.  The area has some restrictions for portable buildings, so this is a good size that still allows for versatility.

Though there are many options on the lot, some customers decide to custom order their Cook shed at MKM Properties.  They’re able to see their color and window options on the lot and then work with the Cook representative there to create the shed they need.

Who Might Help You Find the Right Shed in Lecanto?

Donna Bishop came back to the area for family, but now feels like this really is home. She loves to fish and play with plants and landscaping. She also likes to dabble in photography. She likes to be out on the water and basically, if the weather is nice, she’s outside…even at 98 degrees!

If you’re searching for a portable building near Lacanto, FL, then stop by MKM Properties. Anyone there would be glad to help you find the right fit for your yard!

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