Cook Sheds in Arnold, MO

image1If you’re looking for sheds for sale near St. Louis, Bill Nyberg in Arnold, MO can help you find a portable building to match your needs.

Cook Sheds for sale in Arnold, Missouri

Bill Nyberg enjoys helping his customers solve problems. No matter what storage solution you’re looking for, Nyberg talks with customers to see what will be the best portable building for your needs.

Each customer he meets out on the lot he asks basic questions to get to know them and their needs. “It’s just a conversation and not a sales pitch,” Nyberg says.

  • What are you storing?
  • What size do you think you need?
  • Do you have enough room for the shed and for delivery access? Cook sheds are pre-built in the factory, so he always wants to make sure there’s enough space for a delivery to be made.

With this information, he can find you the right portable building solution.

The Lofted Barn Could be Your Solution

Many customers come in looking for extra storage space, but there are others who are wanting to create a small lake or guest house. No matter the purpose, many find the Lofted Barn to be the perfect solution.

For those in the residential area around his lot, many are simply looking for a place to store their garden supplies and utility vehicles. The loft allows for families to utilize it for extra, out of the way storage.

Others will completely refinish the inside, making the loft a bedroom, creating a relaxing little getaway.

Get to know Your Shed Dealer in Arnold, MO

Nyberg retired from his own home improvement company, but left retirement and decided to begin selling Cook sheds.

“I got bored,” he says. With sales, he says, “No two days are the same. No two customers are the same. You never know who’s going to walk in the door.”

As a young man he found out that he was good at selling and so decided to go back to what he excelled at. He says he still feels like a kid who’s hit a homerun every time he sells a shed.

image4He enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and collecting Diecast Model Cars. He’s liked cars since he was a kid, and found his first model car in a toy store. It was a Budweiser NASCAR model car. Over the years, he’s now collected hundreds. Though he’s never made one himself, he says he can appreciate the art.

If you’re looking for a shed near St. Louis County, fill out the form! Or come visit Bill Nyberg at his portable building lot in Arnold, MO

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