Cook Sheds in Bryan, Texas

Driving on the interstate, Cook Portable Warehouses of Waco stands out. If you’re searching for the right portable shed in Waco, TX, stop by our lot!

Jim Millsaps, the Cook dealer in Waco, TX, is there to help you find the portable building that will fit your yard, purpose and budget.

“I’m honest, I’m going to treat them right,” Jim says. “I’m not going to try to oversell or undersell them. I want them to leave with the building that they need and can afford.”

That’s why when you come on the lot, Jim likes to ask questions to get to know you and what purpose you’re looking to fulfill with your shed.  When he has your vision in mind, he can direct you to the Cook shed that will help fulfill it.  

Jim enjoys meeting new people, and explaining price vs. quality when you’re purchasing a shed.  “You may be able to beat our prices, but you can’t beat our quality,” Jim explains.  

Jim says you should choose Cook because of the quality and the warranties.  “There’s many little things, quality features, that sets us apart from the other buildings,” he says.  “I’m confident in saying that I’m selling a quality building.”

With more than 30 portable buildings on the lot, the most popular shed in Waco is the 12×24 Lofted Barn with the windows and door on the side. Most of the time people are just looking for storage, but he has had a few people looking to live in them as a tiny home, or even to use as a dog house.  

Who Sells Cook Sheds in Waco

Jim is a retired pastor, spending 50 years in the ministry. Now, he enjoys selling sheds and traveling to see his kids and grandkids who are scattered across the country and one who lives internationally as a missionary.

So if you’re looking to purchase a Cook portable building in Waco, Texas, then stop by the lot and meet with Jim!

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