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If you’re searching for a storage shed, workshop or garage, then visit Cook Portable Warehouses of Jacksonville, FL.  Cook dealer, Andrew Bennett will help you find the portable building you’re looking for.

When you visit the lot, Andrew works to find his customers the shed that will fit their yard and purpose.  “I’m here to help them. If they’re looking at a 10×16, but an 8×16 will work better for them, that’s what I’m going to direct them toward,” he said. “I’m not going to push them for a higher sell, I want them to be happy with their purchase.”

Andrew wants his customers to know why he’s so loyal to Cook. “I will always be here on time and will be here for customers who need to come in at different times. I’m very flexible” he says. “I’m very confident, almost cocky, when I’m explaining the quality of these buildings.”

He says he’s actually had customers who have driven by and were afraid to learn the price because they could see, even from a distance, they were built like little houses.

“When people see the quality for themselves, these buildings sell themselves,” he says.

The most popular shed in Jacksonville, Florida is the Lofted Barn, usually the 10×12 or 12×16 options.  The majority of customers live in residential areas so they like ordering them in tan with a cream trim.

But, Andrew also sees older styles and pre-owned buildings that come to his lot for customers to also choose from.  

Andrew has been in the business long enough to see that once he sells a shed, he’s made a loyal Cook customer for life.  He recently had a customer who has bought 3 Cook sheds over the years. His first shed has lasted more than 20 years and now, because he’s moving, he came back for another Cook portable building.

Your Jacksonville Cook Dealer

Andrew’s father started with Cook Portable Warehouses and then Andrew decided it would be a good fit for him as well.  “I learned a valuable lesson a while ago. Do not try to sell a product if you do not believe in the product,” Andrew says.

Though he didn’t grow up in Jacksonville, he’s lived in the area for more than a decade and says, “This is my home.”

If you’re searching for a Cook shed in Jacksonville, Florida, then stop by the Cook lot on Normandy Boulevard and meet with Andrew!

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