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If you’re looking for more than just a simple shed, but a long lasting investment, then search for a shed at Cook’s shed lot in Joplin, Missouri.

The lot is designed to give you ample room to access all of the sheds, usually around 40 in varying sizes, colors and styles. You can drive through the lot, or walk through your favorite styles.  Michael Riley, Cook dealer in Joplin, says, “You’re not just getting a shed, you’re dealing with a company that is investing in you too. Mr. Cook truly cares that you’re getting a good quality product.”

Since many Joplin shed customers are dealing with residential restrictions, Michael first recommends the Lofted Barn as it gives you maximum storage space for the square footage.  Many Joplin customers also like the Utility sheds.  

One of the reasons Michael decided to begin working with Cook was that he saw it was a family owned business with integrity. “With Cook you’re not just buying a shed, you’re joining a family,” he tells his customers.

Michael has always loved helping people and in this job he feels like he gets to help customers make a good decision that’s going to be of great benefit to them down the road, not just the day they buy the shed.  “I feel great satisfaction knowing I’ve helped them make the best choice in buying a Cook portable building,” Michael explains.

One thing Michael always asks customers is, “What kind of preparation do you think you’ll have to do before your shed is installed?”  He then explains how Cook sheds are built for ground contact. Many people still think they have to put their shed on blocks or pour a concrete slab.  But, with Cook sheds, all you need is a flat surface. Plus, Cook has a lifetime warranty to backup their claims.  

Some customers are still skeptical they can trust Cook’s warranty and ground contact claims, until they learn that Cook has been in business for more than 33 years.   “Mr. Cook really cares about his name on the building,” Michael says.  “He cares about customer satisfaction the day of the purchase, but also many years down the road.”

Who is your Joplin shed dealer?

Michael actually met his wife in Columbia while he lived there for 6 months for a ministry opportunity.  “My wife is my pride and joy,” he says.   They still love volunteering together.

He worked for a family owned company for about 10 years and loved that atmosphere. When he found Cook, a personable business who cares for their customers and employees, he knew he’d found the company he wanted to work for.  

So, if you’re looking to buy a quality shed, visit Cook Portable Warehouses of Joplin, MO and let Michael help you find the portable building that is right for you.

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