How to Keep your Bedroom Organized


Your houseguests most likely don’t see your bedrooms, but it’s still important to keep them clean and tidy! Don’t let your bedrooms, closets or space under the bed becomes the place where all your clutter piles up. Go through those items and place them in the designated rooms or places.

Here are some great ideas for the master bedrooms and kid’s bedrooms.Use these 5 tips from Cook Portable Warehouses and your bedroom will be your favorite room in the house!


Master Bedroom


Go through your closets and weed out those items that don’t fit anymore, are stained or ripped or you haven’t worn in a year. Donate those things or have a party with friends to exchange items.


Add some bins for smaller things and get different hampers to make doing laundry easier. This will help keep clothes and other items off the floor and help your closet look tidy and organized.


Think about the items that you have on top of your nightstand and how much you use them on a daily basis. Only keep those things like an alarm clock, lamp or jewelry box and move less used stuff into a drawer.

Limit yourself to one piece of reading material so those books, newspapers and magazines won’t pile up on top of your nightstand. Use alligator clips on the side of your bedside table to hold your cord chargers.


Use a cheap over-the-door shoe organizer for all those things that often get lost such as jewelry, scarves or even electric chargers.


Dust all the lamps, ceiling fans, window covering, dressers and other side tables and then vacuum or sweep the floor including underneath the bed and in the closets.


 Children’s Bedroom


To help keep toys organized, use clear, plastic stacked bins on rollers, which will make the clean-up process quick and easy. A hanging net organizer is useful to hold kid’s stuffed animals and other favorite toys.

Label all the bins, shelves or shoeboxes with words or pictures if your child is too young to read. It’s a great way to teach them where things go and which items are similar.


Go though dressers and divide drawers into categories such as pajamas, shorts/pants, socks/underwear, t-shirts and more. You can easy create dividers for each drawer with cardboard or extra wall trim.


Organize from the top up with the most used toys, games or books on lower shelves and more seldom-used or breakable things placed higher up.

If there is a desk in your child’s room, go through it and see which papers, pens and other writing utensils can be kept and which can be thrown away. You also might find some hidden gems like artwork or an A+ plus assignment to hang on the refrigerator or display in a frame.


5) Buy an inexpensive coat rack and place it in the corner of the room or closet. Not only is it a great place to store coats but kids can hang their backpacks, hats and more!

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