What a Storage Unit Does Not Solve

There’s something a storage unit just can’t solve. Here’s how to know if you need a storage unit or if it’s time to invest in a shed instead.

Do You Really Need a Shed?

Is it time to add a backyard shed to your home’s storage solutions? There are other options, but let’s find out if a shed is the right fit for you.

Lofted Barn is #1 Choice of 2019

In 2019, our Lofted Barn option is our top seller! Hobbyists, gardeners and home owners love the storage this option provides.

New Shed Styles for Your Storage & Hobbies

Cook is now offering 5 more shed styles to choose from. One is perfect for those small, neighborhood backyards, while the others are a great solution for farms, businesses and homes. Take a look!

Seasonal Storage Shed Options

Each season comes with its own storage challenges. As you search for the right shed, consider all of the storage needs you’ll have throughout the year.