Interior of Barn Style Building

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The Cook Utility is the perfect storage building and is the most adaptable of our shed designs. The tall sidewalls are ideal to hang taller shelving and the heavy duty floor holds up to any storage challenge. It’s also a great choice to convert into a hobby or work space.

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Available Options

  • Heavy Duty Floor

    3/4” Floor Decking and Floor Joists 12” on Center

  • Shutters and Flowerbox

    Shutters are offered the following sizes:

    • 9” x 27”
    • 9” x 36”

    Flowerboxes are offered in 24” and 30”

  • Various Window Size Options

    Available sizes include:

    • 24” x 36” Standard Window
    • Octagon Window

    Not available in all states

  • Choice of Window Placement

  • Door Options and Placement

    Additional Doors can be added in the following sizes:

    • 36″ Single Door
    • 48″ Single Door
    • 68″ Double Doors
    • 82″ Double Doors

    Not available in all states.

  • Overhead Door Package

    Option not available in all states.

Available Sizes

8 Ft Wide

8′ x 12′

10 Ft Wide

10′ x 10′
10′ x 12′
10′ x 14′
10′ x 16′
10′ x 20′

12 Ft Wide

12′ x 12′
12′ x 14′
12′ x 16′
12′ x 20′
12′ x 24′
12′ x 28′
12′ x 32′

Pick the 8-foot Utility size to store bikes, outdoor equipment, furniture, pool supplies and firewood.

Choose the 10-foot Utility size to store large vehicles like motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles or to convert into a hobby space.

Select the 12-foot Utility size to use tall shelving, store vehicles or convert the space into workshop.

Free Fitting Guide

Need more information on the measurements of our buildings? Check out the Free Fitting Guide!

Standard Dimensions and Specifications

  • The peak of an eight-foot wide building is approximately 10’7.”

  • The peak of a ten-foot wide building is approximately 11’1.”

  • The peak of a twelve-foot wide building is approximately 11’5.”

  • The interior sidewall height is 7’8.”

  • Building style can come with or without a loft option.

  • Eight-foot wide buildings have a 48″ single door with a 47″ opening.

  • Ten-foot wide buildings have 34″ double doors with a 67″ opening.

  • Twelve-foot wide buildings have 41″ double doors with an 81″ opening.

  • Twelve-foot wide buildings are measured from eave to eave.

Additional Notes

  • The sidewalls on the building can be made longer by special order.

  • The Utility shed offers a cabin option (not available in all states).

  • The loft floor of a lofted Utility can be raised 6″ for an additional cost of $100. This will reduce the available loft space.

If this doesn’t look like the right style for you, check out the Lofted Barn instead.