10 Creative Yard Sale Solutions for Landscaping

Flowers and lawn furniture are just the start to a beautiful landscape.

If you love the vintage rustic look, you can create unique yard features on a relatively small budget. As warmer weather arrives, yard sales will begin popping up.

So look for these 10 creative yard sale solutions for landscaping around your garden and Cook Shed.Creative Yard Sale Solutions for Landscaping - Cook Portable Warehouses

  1. Old Wagon: Just add some dirt and make it into a planter. Or place figurines inside and surround them with plants. It will add color and height to your garden.  
  2. Plants: People love to admire the hard work they’ve put into their yard and garden. If you see an unusual plant, ask them where they purchased it. They may even be flattered enough to give you a root cutting for free. Leave plastic bags and some gardening tools in your car, so you’ll be ready if the opportunity comes up.
  3. Old Tires: They may not even have these for sale, but if you see them, be sure to ask. With a little paint, dirt and flowers you can make an ugly flat tire into an interesting piece for your garden or the side of your shed.Creative Yard Sale Solutions for landscaping - Cook Portable Warehouses
  4. Glass: Do you have solar lights lining the pathway to the shed? Grab inexpensive glass vases, sconces or even a punch cup to cover them and bring added glamour to your yard, during day and night.
  5. Cinderblocks: These can be used as planters, to help build a walkway of flowers or even to build a bench.
  6. Old Wood Ladders: These can be used to lean against your shed and hang plants on, or you could build a pergola as an entrance to your garden.
  7. Marbles: If you have a fence surrounding your garden or yard, using marbles can add color and light. Try to get ones that are the same size, so you don’t make any holes in your fence that you can’t fill.
  8. Old Wooden Chairs with Worn Out or Missing Seats. You can recover the seat or you could make it into a planter. Paint the chair a bright color and plant flowers that coordinate. It will add height and texture to your garden space.  
  9. Scrap Wood: Unused wood from old barns or pallets can be made into fun garden or yard sign. Want an inspiring or funny message to greet you or guests when walking through your yard? Then, paint it on a rustic sign! Use stencils, or tracing paper to get the design you want.
  10. Old Tea Kettles and Water Cans. There are so many possibilities for creating planters or water features with these! Here is one tutorial on how to create a fountain out of old tin water cans.

And, if you see something interesting at a yard sale, use your creativity and create a memorable, one-of-a-kind piece for your yard and shed landscaping. 

Download the Cook Portable Warehouse Landscaping Guide below for steps on creating a beautiful, functional landscape around your shed; plus maintenance tips for the entire growing season.{{cta(’98e2a5fe-1063-44ef-9959-bd526bf89ce5′,’justifycenter’)}}

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