A storage shed from Cook is an investment that lasts a lifetime (learn about our Lifetime Warranty). When you find the shed size and style that best suits your needs, we want you to know there are two ways you can purchase: pay cash or choose our convenient Rent-to-Own Program.

Rent-To-Own is an affordable option for anyone who needs more room for their stuff.  Plus, you can choose to add custom building features and still be eligible to rent. There’s a reason why 7 out of 10 customers choose this program.  Learn more below or get started building your rent-to-own shed.

Rent a Shed

Why choose a Rent to Own storage shed? Here are the benefits:

    • No credit check. Ever. No need to worry about credit scores or getting a loan.
    • Only a small deposit is needed to deliver your shed. Plus, delivery and setup are free!*
    • You are in control of the final price of your shed. If you decide on month two (or three, or four, etc.) that you're able to pay off your shed in full, then that's great! No penalty.
    • Security deposit is refundable once the shed is paid in full.
    • Decide your shed just isn’t big enough? With our rental option, you can trade up to a larger shed without losing your investment. So, don’t be afraid to "try on" a particular shed for size.
    • No hassle return policy, for any reason, without hurting your credit.
    • We handle our Rent-to-Own Program 100% in-house. You are buying from Cook and Cook only.
    • In the end, you’ll OWN your storage building.

* Free delivery within 50 miles of any Cook shed lot. Does not include 14’ wide buildings.

Let's Get Started!

Rent to Own Details:

  • Each payment you make is split into a rental fee and reducing your remaining payoff balance. Note: You can choose to purchase at any time, no matter how long the rent-to-own agreement is. You are 100% in control of the total cost of your shed!
  • Why do we offer our rent to own and trade up options? Because we want to make sure you have enough “room for your stuff.” We understand the struggle of needing more space now, not months or years down the road. We build sheds that will last a lifetime, offered at a price that fits your budget today.
  • Once you've chosen our rent-to-own program, did you know that you can pay your bill online? Here's how to set it up:
      1. Set up your online bill pay account by calling 800-772-7883 Ext. 8300
      2. Each month use this link to pay online! Bookmark it for easy access. 
      3. That's it! It's that simple!

A Storage Unit vs. A Rent-to-Own shed from Cook

Rent-to-Own Sheds

Storage Units

  • Off-Site
  • Expensive
  • Limited access
  • You never own it
Rent-to-Own Sheds

Cook Shed

  • Conveniently located in your back yard
  • Affordable
  • Access your stuff anytime you need it
  • Own your building at the end of the rental term

Which Sheds are offered in our Rent to Own Program?

All of them! Let’s start building the shed you want. Choose the style, colors, and extra features you like best and one of our online sales facilitators will contact you with details and pricing.