3 Areas to Clean and Organize this Fall


With the first day of fall on the horizon, there are several areas in your home that might require some additional cleaning and care. Although tidying up your entire house is never a bad idea, you can focus on these 3 spaces over one successful (and productive) weekend!

When your home and yard are sparking clean, it just makes life a little easier! Another way to simplify your life is to add more space with a Cook storage shed! Then when the seasons change, you will be ready to go with smart and efficient storage options!

Here are 3 areas to target to get your home and possessions ready for fall and winter!

Winterize your kitchen

A complete cleaning of your kitchen is essential to keep germs and grease build-up to a minimum. Not only will these simple tasks keep your kitchen cleaner, it smell fresher and look brighter.

Start by removing all the contents from your refrigerator and then wash all shelves, bins and racks with an antibacterial cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the door gasket, which seals the cold air into your fridge.  Check the expiration dates of all condiments and add a box of baking soda or stocking filled with activated charcoal to a shelf to keep it smelling good!

Even if your oven is self-cleaning, it’s important to deep clean the inside of it routinely. An alternative to traditional oven cleaners is to use a cup of ammonia in a ceramic dish overnight to loosen that stuck on food. Check your oven’s user manual for other specific cleaning guidelines.

Use baking soda on a damp sponge to wipe down the interior liner of your dishwasher. Other tasks you could compete include: washing curtains, replacing shelf liners, cleaning ceiling fixtures and sorting all canned goods and cleaning products.

Clean your car’s interior

Those summer trips and fun times often take a toll on the inside of your vehicle. Most of us think about washing the outside of our cars and trucks, but forget about the inside.

So, take a little bit of time and vacuum out the interior of your vehicle, clean and dust the surfaces and wipe the inside of the windows. A small amount of laundry soap on a cloth works well as a surface cleaner.

Don’t forget to organize the trunk and glove compartment. It’s important to have quick and easy access to important paperwork in your glove box. Also, add those things you might need when winter weather hits, like a ice scraper, umbrella, blanket and emergency road kit, just in case.

Organize your garage

While the weather is cool and nice, you should attend to that growing pile of stuff in your garage. Why not organize your things to allow for additional storage space for a vehicle or anything else you might need to store this winter?

Start by making a list of your inventory of stuff and take note of how often you use certain equipment to make placement easier later on.

Other creative ways to organize your things in a garage are with shelves or overhead bins. Going vertical with your storage options will create a surprising amount of space. Once you remove everything, sweep or vacuum the floor and install any new shelves or bins.

If all those boxes and bins still won’t fit in your garage, think about adding a Cook building for extra space for your stuff.

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