3 Creative Ways to Use Your Shed this Halloween

With the spooky fun of Halloween on the horizon, there is a lot to think about. From getting the kids ready with the best costumes on the block, to stocking up on delicious candy, and putting out festive decorations, it’s a busy time of the month!

Halloween only comes once a year, so now is the time to go all out and decorate your house, yard, and even your Cook shed for the holiday.

With just a few tweaks you can create the ultimate Halloween location right in your yard in your Cook Portable Warehouse. Find out the answers to all your questions about buying and owning a Cook building, by reading this!

From a haunted house to a costume shop, you can transform the multipurpose space you have with your versatile, durable backyard shed; into anything your family needs or wants.

Make sure you are staying safe this Halloween with these safety tips! And use these 3 creative ideas to create the Halloween space of your family’s dreams with your Cook shed.

Creative Ways to Use Your Shed This Halloween + Cook Portable Warehouses

Haunted House

If you are hosting a haunted house for the whole neighborhood or just your family, you can create a spooky, unforgettable experience by using your shed. To get started, cover the existing walls and doors with black tarps or trash bags.

Then change out any bright lights with either lower watt bulbs, colored lights like a red, or even strobe lights to create an eerie effect.

Other must-haves are spooky, dramatic music, a fog machine, creepy decorations, and volunteers from your family and friends to act as ghouls, goblins, zombies, and other scary characters.


Costume Shop

Dressing up is one of the most fun parts of Halloween, but most kids want a new costume each year, which leaves plenty of extras. Grab your kid’s old costumes and invite neighbors and friends over to bring their gently used outfits as well.

Make a Halloween-themed party, with pumpkin flavored treats and mix and match costumes for a lower cost way to celebrate the holiday. If the weather is nice enough, have a fashion show and let everyone show off his or her favorite outfit.

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This idea isn’t specific to Halloween, but year round your Cook Portable Warehouse can serve as the place where kids can have fun with family and friends. If you don’t have a treehouse, your shed is your kids’ new oasis!

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And one of everyone’s all-time favorite parts of Halloween is seeing what treats you got and trading with friends. End Halloween on a high note with a fun gathering to recount your favorite moments of the night, the scariest costumes, and more.

With all these great ideas, a Cook portable shed can make any holiday more enjoyable! So find the closest dealer to you using the tool below and get started today!