3 Things to Buy (and 3 Things to Skip) this January

As 2017 gets underway, with adults headed back to work and kids headed back to school, the beginning of the year is also a smart time to take advantage of some great sales.

One thing you don’t have to wait to buy is a Cook Portable Warehouse. We are serious about the promises we make to our customers, like the lowest price guarantee and our warranties. So any day, month, or year is a great time to become a Cook shed owner.

Cook Portable Warehouses, a Good Buy Year Round

But not everything is a solid investment in January, so it’s a good idea, like when shopping for a portable shed, to do your research prior to purchasing. In fact, remember it’s a good rule of thumb not to purchase a backyard building prior to a walk-through. Learn more from one of our dealers, here!

Here are 3 things to purchase this month and 3 things to wait on for a more optimal time later in the year.


Buy Now


Holiday Decorations and Supplies


Right after the holidays are over (and probably the last thing any of us want to see) are more Christmas decorations, but it’s the best time to hit the sales. The month after the holidays you will find unbelievable deals on wrapping paper, outdoor lights, ornaments, and artificial trees.

The only issue is finding places to store those items year round. But to get the best deals, try to find room now, possibly in your sturdy Cook shed.


January is a Good time to Buy Televisions

A little known fact is right before the biggest sports viewing day of the year televisions are often offered at a discounted rate. The big game is scheduled for February 5th, so look for medium and large flat screen TVs to go on sale around the end of January.

Black Friday isn’t the only time to invest in large, high quality electronics. January is another great time to add that TV your family has been eyeing.

Fitness Memberships

January is a good time for fitness memberships

The beginning of the year brings New Year resolutions that we all make and promise to uphold. One of the most common promises people make is focused on getting into better physical shape.

So, January is the perfect time to invest in a gym membership (and there will be some great discounted, introductory rates for the first month). Look into pay by the month options, so you don’t have to pay for the entire year if you can’t fulfill the commitment.

Or you could even turn your Cook storage shed into a home gym, so your workout is right outside your backdoor with no extra cost. Here are some simple steps to turn your portable building into your own personal workout space.

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Things to avoid buying


Prices on smartphones often drop after a new version is released. Apple phones are often released in late fall and Samsung’s new models are typically released in late spring.


The good thing is your kids most likely aren’t looking for any more new toys following those great presents from Santa. The prices often go up following those holiday deals.


President’s Day sales (which falls on February 20) will bring good deals on the pricey purchase of new mattresses, so wait to purchase. Other good times to buy are over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

For more on the best things to buy in January and every other month throughout 2017, read this article from Consumer Reports. And let Cook help convince your spouse that your family needs a Cook shed by downloading the free resource below.{{cta(’79b69bc6-0d8f-48c9-9d8e-a9e3353481f9′,’justifycenter’)}}