3 Things to Buy Before your First Spring Party

Now that the weather has (finally!) warmed up, it’s time to turn thoughts of cozy nights watching movies, to outdoor activities and parties! And if you enjoy entertaining at home, then there are certain versatile items you should invest in to stay prepared for any springtime party theme.

Spring is the ideal season to use your backyard space to entertain. And not only can your desk or patio serve as extra entertaining space, but your Cook shed can too. Read this blog on converting your backyard shed into an entertainment destination to provide additional seating room or as the bar area for your next party!

Those things that can serve a dual-purpose, for example an item that can be used for both inside dinner parties and outside BBQs, provide the best value. Much like a Cook warehouse, which can become an extension of your party space or the space to store all your party supplies and equipment.

Here are 3 essential purchases for anyone planning to do some springtime entertaining! Make sure to avoid these 5 potential pitfalls that could ruin your fun spring gathering.

Things to Buy Before your First Spring Party

Sturdy Tableware

Because spring weather can often bring unexpected bouts of rain followed quickly by sunny skies, you should be smart with your tableware. Invest in durable dishes that can withstand the unexpected and choose high quality materials like acrylic, ceramic, or porcelain.

Choose bright colors and bold patterns for this special non-everyday cutlery. Or select more neutral tableware and complement it with colorful vases, centerpieces, or napkins.

 Spring Party Checklist from Cook Portable Warehouses

Bar/Appetizer Cart

An essential piece of entertaining equipment is a cart to bring things from inside without running back and forth with a million trips! You can invest in a modern glass rolling cart that can be used inside when you aren’t entertaining. Or repurpose something you already have like a garden trolley.

You can stock it up with drinks or a few appetizers and roll it around to different groups of guests. This also prevents congestion of people around the grill or table areas.


Food Coverings/Tops

Just because you’re bringing the party outside doesn’t mean you must leave all your favorite serving platters, utensils, and supplies sitting inside. If you use tops you can rest assured that your food will stay fresh and away from bugs and the elements.

Cake stands with glass tops can bring an elegance for more formal outdoor dinner parties or use multi-purpose containers that can display items and then you can pop a top on them for easy clean-up and storage.


For more tips, check out this blog with additional ways to make your Spring party one that your friends, family, and neighbors won’t soon forget!

And if your party of choice is a BBQ and you can’t wait to get your grill out of your Cook shed, download this free guide with entertaining advice, menu tips, and much more!