4 Musts for Your Shed’s Summer Maintenance


With more available time for most people, summer is a good time to check your shed over. Look for any damage and go through (and check-off) those to-do items on your list.

Of course, this is the last thing most of us want to do during our valuable free time. So here is a list of just the necessities (we promise it won’t take more than an hour or so and then you will be back to those fun summer activities).

Knowing what you’re storing in your shed and keeping it clean will pay dividends in the future when you can quickly find that one thing you need as each new season begins. 

So here are 4 musts for your Cook shed to-do list this summer!

Check your shelves

First, check to see how your shelves are holding up. Your shelving system works hard all year holding all your stuff. Check the bracing, joints and any connections to see if they are weakening.  Sand down any rough areas and replace weak shelves, if necessary.

Trust us, it’s better to do it now before the shelf completely gives out and leaves you with a big mess! Here are 3 do-it-yourself ideas for shelving that will keep your shed looking great, without breaking the bank.

Or cut PVC pipes and attach to the wall for a quick, low cost way to store long handled tools and use peg boards for smaller items.

Clean your tools

If you store your gardening equipment in your Cook shed, get out all the large items like rakes, shovels, pruners, trowels, etc. and check them. Sand down wooden handles to avoid splinters. Check watering cans and wheelbarrows/carts for holes or other damage that should be repaired before use. Invest in new equipment when necessary.

Clear off the floors

Dust, dirt and other grime can build up quickly inside your shed. So it’s a good idea to sweep out the inside with a broom and then rinse with a hose occasionally.

Try to clear off all the smaller items from your shed floor. Don’t forget all that great vertical space you have on the walls and ceiling.

Secure the roof

Summer storms bring high winds that can impact the outside of your shed. So, get out your ladder and check the roof for any leaks or cracks. If you have a Cook shed, then your building is prepared with our Smart Roof Design that includes OSB Decking, Vinyl Drip Edge and Vented Ridge.

So all your stuff will stay clean, dry and secure inside your Cook Portable Warehouse. Learn more about our Smart Roof Design by clicking here!

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