5 Energy Saving Tips for Fall


Fall is the ideal time to get your home ready for those cold winter temperatures and unpredictable weather. But with your heaters pumping all winter, your energy bills could be really high.

So here are 5 essential tips to have an energy efficient house and help keep your costs down. And with all that money you will be saving, think about reinvesting it back into other needs around your home.

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Here are 5 energy saving tips every homeowner should do this fall from Cook!


Installing ceiling fans is a low cost option to save on heating bills for years into the future. Because the fan blades push warm arm down, your rooms will stay warmer without having to crank up the temperature on your thermostat!


Check the amount of insulation in your attic and add additional insulation if necessary. Fall is the perfect time to work in your attic because temperatures are cooling down. The cheapest thing you can do to keep heat inside is to add insulation to attic walls.

Also, check the attic door, which can be the source for up to 15 percent of a home’s energy loss. If your door is a pull down, add gasketing around it. If it’s an ordinary walk-thru style door, add some weather-stripping around the frame.


Caulk around all windows and doors, especially with older homes. This will keep the cold air and bugs out and that valuable heat in! Also, remember to check the weather-stripping and door sweeps around all your doors. If you can afford it, replace old windows with new more energy efficient models.

Sealing up your windows and doors from the inside and outside is important for every season but more so in fall when cold drafty air can get into your house.


Insulate and wrap your pipes to reduce energy lost when hot water moves through your house. Another helpful tip is to purchase or use a hot water heater blanket. Fall is also a great time to inspect your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit and change all the filters.


If you don’t have time to finish any large scale projects, here are several small and free things you can do to cut back on energy use at your house.

  • Your refrigerator uses a ton of energy. Clean it, which includes vacuuming the coils on the bottom or back of the unit and checking the temperature.  Put a standard thermometer in a glass of water and place it on one of the middle shelves. The optimal temperature is 41 degrees, which is safe for food and the most efficient.
  • The build-up of lint in dryer hoses or pipes can increase the amount of energy needed to run that appliance by 30 percent. Vacuum out the lint filter, the back of the machine and around the pipes attached to the wall.
  • The easiest thing to do to save money is to open your drapes or other window coverings during the day to let the sun in, then close them at night. Sunlight is a great, free source of heat!

Use these 5 simple and inexpensive tips and you will be ready to go this winter and have some extra money in your pocket! If you want to spend that extra cash of a Cook building, here are 3 important things to think about when choosing the right shed for you!