5 Reasons you Should Own a Motorcycle


A Cook shed is the perfect place to keep your most prized possessions. With dealerships in 13 states across the country, our buildings are specially designed to handle any potential hazardous or dangerous weather.

So, what is that one possession that you are most focused on protecting? For many people, their Cook building houses their vehicle, boat, lawnmower, grill, etc. and keeps it safe from damage caused by winter weather.

Well, what if your favorite thing is your motorcycle? We are right there with you! In fact, here are some of our favorite reasons that in some cases a motorcycle is better than a car or other vehicle!

For more on proper motorcycle storage techniques for winter, watch the video from Cook below!


They are easier to take care of

Because a motorcycle is smaller than a car or truck, with 2 wheels instead of 4, the ongoing costs to keep it running smoothly and keep it clean are lower.

Motorcycles are also simpler to repair (as long as you know what to do, if not we recommend taking it to a professional) because the engine and other internal components are more accessible.

If you are a handyman or handywomen, you can complete much of the repair work, like changing spark plugs or fitting a new battery, yourself. And for more tips on proper motorcycle maintenance, read this blog post!

They are more inexpensive

Everyone likes to save a little of their hard earned money right? If you ride a motorcycle, you will be saving money on gas. In general, a motorcycle uses about half the gasoline that the average car uses, depending on the fuel tank size and recommended fuel grade.

In most areas, you can save a ton by commuting to work on your motorcycle. Learn how to in this blog post! Riding your motorcycle to work (even in not perfect weather) is a great way to wake up, along with a strong cup of coffee, of course!

They are easier to park

Motorcycles unlike cars, especially in larger cities, are easy to find parking for. Most places have spots in front of the building for bikes. Or a motorcycle only takes up about a third of a normal parking spot, maximizing the space available for other riders.

So, even in the busiest of places, there is usually a spot to park a motorcycle.

They are flexible in traffic

If you ever need to pull over, either to take a short break or because you are lost in a new city, it’s easily done with a motorcycle. You can pull over to check the map, adjust your mirrors, etc. Even on narrower city streets, motorcycle riders can typically pull onto the sidewalk.

Riders also have added convenience when stuck in traffic jams. If traffic is backed up, riding a motorcycle provides much more flexibility to get through gridlock compared to a car, truck or SUV.

They take up less space

Although our Cook Portable Warehouses come in a variety of adaptable sizes and some offer the option of lofted space, having more room is always better. A motorcycle will take up a fraction of the space in your shed or garage that a vehicle would.

Think of all the possibilities of that extra space, especially with the holidays coming up!

Cook Portable Warehouses has the perfect shed waiting for your motorcycle! Not sure which size building you might need? Download our free fitting guide below!