5 Ways You Can Ruin Your Spring Party

Ways You Can Ruin Your Spring Party One of the best times to throw a party is during the Spring! You have cool weather on your side and everyone is ready to get out of the house.  

You may already be planning your next bonfire or grill out, but have you ever thought about incorporating your shed into the party atmosphere? Cook sheds make a great place to host a get together! Add decorations, a fan and some seating and you’ve got the perfect place for guests to cool off or grab a bite to eat.

Some of the best portable shed options if you’re planning to make it into an entertaining spot or guest house would be the Handyman or the Lofted Barn.

Decide on your theme and check out our playlist for your next get together!  Set the atmosphere and everyone is sure to have a great time.

But, in all the preparations and festivities, it can be easy to ruin your fun or your guests’ time.  So, here are five things you should avoid because they could ruin your Spring party!

Too Many Details

One of the easiest ways to stress yourself out and ruin your party atmosphere is to have too many details to take care of before and during your party.  Unique and creative details can really impress your guests, but remember the main purpose of getting together isn’t to impress them but to have a great time!

So, if you have a long list, try to keep it simple, with maybe one or two extra special details to make your guests feel special.  

Not Accepting Help

Spring Party Mistakes + Cook Portable Warehouses

When you invite friends and family over you may feel like it’s rude to accept their help, but it’s not! If they ask, have a list of simple things they can bring, such as drinks or chips. This will not only help your party budget, but will also take a few things off your to-do list.  

Enforcing Your Itinerary

You may not have an itinerary, and that’s fine. But, sometimes, especially if you have a themed party, you can get trapped into wanting to keep everyone on task instead of allowing them to just have fun.

If you have games or a craft planned for your kid’s party (or even for your party!), don’t rush the festivities along. You can keep the party moving without making your guests feel like cattle being herded from one thing to the next.

Inviting Too Many People

When you’re a part of many different groups, it can be difficult to pick and choose who to invite. You don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but you also don’t want to add any unneeded stress.

So, take a look at your guest list and try to pair it down without making someone feel left out. If your list includes people from work, church, book club, neighbors, etc, try to just pick one group and focus the party on them.

Focusing Too Much on Your To-Do Lists

Party Mistake: Focusing Too Much on To-Do Lists

In the moment, this one is really difficult.  Before your party, you may neglect or snap at your family, trying to mark everything off your list before guests arrive.  And, then, during the party, you may neglect your guests trying to keep all the food replenished and your home clean.

All of this tends to lead to a very disgruntled and stressed out party host! And that’s the last thing you want to be. So, star the most important things on your to-do list and be willing to let the others go if you don’t have time.  

Then, once the party starts, focus on having a great time with your guests, instead of your to-do list. You might even assign each family member to something.  For example: Ask your spouse to be in charge of filling/refilling drinks. Ask your kids to pick up empty plates and trash throughout the party. Work as a team so no one feels overwhelmed and everyone has a great time!

So, take our advice, relax and plan a fun but simple party that everyone can enjoy!  A creative, elaborate party can be fun, but just remember to ensure you have the resources and time before you commit to too many details.

Always keep the goal of your party at the forefront of your to-do list: for everyone to have a fun and safe time together!  All the extra details are just that, EXTRA, but not necessarily needed.

If you’re planning a grill out soon, you can download our complete guide for free below! It has menu ideas, entertaining tips, and more!