7 Ways to Get Organized this Summer

Jared G. Storage Shed

photo credit: Customer Jared G. 

Summertime means a ton of fun in the sun, exciting vacations and more quality time with family and friends.

But it also means that a bunch of stuff (toys, tools, clothing) that had been buried in the back of your shed or garage is now cluttering up your home and entryway again.

First, a portable building can help you reclaim your home again! See why EVERYONE can benefit from getting a shed! The loft space alone in many of Cook’s shed options is worth the investment and can help you stay organized all year long, not just in the summer.  

Loft Space in Shed

So before your home is completely full and cluttered with all those things that make summer the best, put organizational systems in place. It’s easy to set up simple stations and areas to help keep a handle on all your stuff. 

Here are 7 simple ideas for keeping all those summertime accessories clean and organized:


  1. There is one shoe of summer and it’s of course the flip flop. But these light weight, versatile shoes will end up everywhere in your home, from by the door to the kitchen and bedroom floors. So, grab a large colorful plastic bin, attach a sticker or sign that says “flip flops” and leave it by the front door. This will only take a few minutes and save you tons of time later!
  1. Summer is the time for family barbecues but with all that use your grilling tools can get a little dirty (spatulas, kabob sticks, grill baskets, etc.) . Don’t just leave them outside after a delicious dinner. Use a bin or bucket with a handle to hold tools. Then, you can just carry them all inside to wash and dry them. For more tips of keeping your grill clean, read this post!

  2. It’s important to protect yourself and your family from the harsh summer sun and from those annoying flying bugs. So keep sunscreen, bug spray, aloe and chap stick in a container so you can grab it quickly on the way outside. It’s also a good idea to keep some of the same products in an on-the-go bag.
  1. Keep a pool or beach bag ready with swimsuits, towels and pool gear by the front door. Then, you won’t be scrambling around to find all those items when your kids are clamoring for pool time!
  1. Another way to save yourself time later this summer is by packing up your trunk with those musts like folding chairs, sunscreen, bug spray, towels and pool or sand toys.  So you’re always ready for a last minute trip to the beach or pool. 
  2. A lot of summertime is spent on the go with outdoor activities, lessons, camps, vacations, etc. So a great way to stay organized is to fill small plastic bags with essential supplies for different activities. For example, these could include first aid, for the pool, camping trips, activities/games for travel. Then, just store in the closet and grab whenever you need them.
  3. Since kids will be hanging around the house more often during the summer, make it easy for them to eat healthy. Make snack boxes that they can reach easily throughout the day. Include sliced up fruits and veggies, string cheese, yogurt and almonds. Then, when they are hungry they can just grab something quick but healthy! 

Another easy way to stay more organized is to have more space to keep seasonal items together. A Cook Portable Warehouses provides the space you need, right where you need it. It makes a great place for summer storage, sports storage or even to be turned into a pool house. Take a look at our portable building brochure below!