Best Buys to Take Advantage of in November

Best Buys in November

As we’ve worked through the best deals each month in 2017, each one brings some great buys and advice on went to wait for better deals. But, November brings the best offers of the year with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales.

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While prices are slashed, take advantage of deals to get those high-priced items you’ve been waiting for and stock up on gifts for the holidays.

But, it’s important to remember not everything is a good sale even in November, when sales are plentiful. It’s still advised to be smart and make purchases that you need and can justify according to your budget.

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Here are our best buys for November and a few things to wait on!


Larger Home Appliances

Nearly one-third of the deals listed last November were for appliances like vacuums, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and more! Prices can be cut by 40 percent off the normal cost on name brands.



November is the best month of the year to make an investment in technology. You can find laptops across the price spectrum from budget friendly ones or more expensive, high definition options.


High Definition TVs

Continuing the technology theme, now is the time to take advantage of great deals and make that big TV purchase you have been waiting on. There are typically good deals on all brands and sizes, but some of the best deals will be on 4K televisions.


Older Generation Apple Products

If you’re looking to shop Apple’s latest selection of gadgets, you might not find very significant savings. Black Friday could bring the first price break of the year on the iPhone 8, but the iPhone generation X won’t see any reduction in price.

But, if you go back one or two versions or series you will find great deals (for example, you can unearth great deals on second generation Apple Watches (Series 2) and iPhones 6 and 7). Or if you are really on a budget, go back one more generation. Last year, prices for the iPhone 6 decreased by up to 60 percent and those trends are expected to continue.


Game Consoles/Video Games

Along with other electronics, video game consoles will also decrease in prices especially at large, big box stores. Many of the most budget-friendly deals are found in bundles/gift sets, especially for Xbox and PlayStation products.

There will also be great deals on video games across platforms, reduced by up to 30 percent. This is this case for even the most popular titles for 2017.



Both department stores and designer outlets will have some of the best deals of the year in November. Although January also brings a lot of clothing discounts, November sees the best quality deals. The best deals are around Cyber Monday when stores will offer great deals on already discounted items on top of free shipping.


Kitchen Supplies

From small appliances to cookware and other kitchen staples, November is the time to buy. Prices on things like slow cookers, coffee makers, blenders and more will be the lowest all year!


A few items to wait until December or January are winter apparel (wait until winter is in full swing around early next year), exercise equipment (wait until January to take advantage of sales up to 40 percent), and giftcards (wait until December when gift shopping is at its peak).


Now that you have made the most of these great deals, read our free resource below to get each and every room in your home organized and tidy.