Cook Dealer Flies High on Superior Quality of Buildings

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Cook dealer Craig Billeiter has an interesting individual history and a colorful personality that keeps visitors to his lot in Taylor, Texas entertained!

He is a former military serviceman for the artillery combat army who served in the 1970s. He also has a lifetime of experience in sales and has been a resident of the Taylor area for more than 10 years and his wife is a fourth generation native of nearby Hutto, Texas.

In the past, he has worked selling vehicles and as an electrician. But, something about getting back into the sales game with Cook portable buildings really spoke to him. Once he saw the unbelievable quality of Cook sheds, he was sold.

Although he says working at the Cook lot and providing the best storage solutions to the people of Taylor, Texas is his favorite hobby, he stays busy in his free time hunting and fishing. He should consider turning his Cook shed into a hunting lodge.

Another one of his hobbies reflects back on his professional goals. He is an avid metal detector enthusiast. For him, it’s about searching for the best piece of buried treasure that he can find!

This is the approach he uses when a potential Cook customer comes onto his lot too! He uses his laid-back, friendly demeanor and acts as the buyer’s storage consultant throughout the process.

His focus is one finding the best Cook building and making sure each and every customer in the Taylor area is happy with their treasured Cook Portable Warehouse!

In his opinion, those things that differentiate Cook are the highest ground contact rated lumber, double stud construction and pretty much all the small and large building superiorities.

He has noticed that in Taylor, people aren’t just shopping for a Cook building as a place for extra storage. A backyard storage shed has become a way to extend the space in your home and adapt to a constantly changing lifestyle.

For example, a kid is home for college for the summer or plans to move back in while they are job hunting or an out-of-town relative stays longer than expected. You can turn your Cook shed into a guesthouse with just a few tweaks!

Although Craig is still a relatively new Cook dealer, the long standing lot has been serving the people of Taylor, Texas for many years.

The lot’s location, right across from the Taylor, Texas airport, holds a special place in Craig’s heart for two reasons. One- He is a licensed pilot although he doesn’t fly too much anymore.

And, if you’re one of the extra luckily visitors to his Cook lot, you might glimpse a P-51 Mustang airplane with an engine from World War II.

So, visit Craig to hear some interesting stories and check out his great selection of buildings styles for new and preowned buildings.

Learn more about Taylor, Texas Cook dealer Craig Billeiter:

Married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Hobbies and Interests: Besides his main hobby of selling Cook buildings, he likes outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, using his metal detector and spending time with family.

Previous Employment: In the past, he has worked in sales in a variety of industries and is trained as an electrician.

Come visit Craig Billeiter from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday and from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday at 14734 Hwy. 79 West in Taylor, Texas 76574 or call 512-352-3530 to learn more!

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