Cook Dealer’s Passion Pays Off in Douglas Georgia

Danny Crider knows Cook Portable Warehouses and is passionate about the product he sells.  Working for the company for more than 14 years, he’s gained not just a deep understanding of the product, but pride in it.  

He’s worked inside a plant, seen the manufacturing process from beginning to end, and knows that he’s providing the best quality building to families and business owners.

“I can’t sell something I don’t believe in,” Crider said.Danny Crider - Cook Portable Warehouses

He loves everything from the manufacturing process to how they’re delivered.Crider serves those near Douglas, Georgia. He has customers in Atkinson, Ben Hill and Coffee Counties.

The top seller at his lot are the Lofted Barns and the Utility sheds. The most common request is the addition of more storage space. He’s also seen quite a few unique purposes for the Cook Utility sheds.

Most recently, a cake maker purchased a Utility shed to use as a space to bake. A barber has opened his shop in a Utility shed. And a local nursery uses one as their office.Utility Shed Uses - Cook Portable Warehouses

He’s even seen the Douglas, GA city government turn to Cook Portable Warehouses to add a maintenance shed to their property.

“I have people looking for storage, an extra bedroom in the backyard, or even to make a tiny house for a riverfront property,” he said.

When you visit Danny Crider at his lot, you’ll be greeted with a smiling, positive attitude. He’s passionate about getting to know his customers, while allowing them to leave as experts in the purchase they’re making.

“I want to turn my customers into friends,” he explained.

He likes to give them all the information they need, pausing throughout to allow time to digest the information as they walk through the many building options.

What you’ll find out quickly about Danny Crider is that he believes in Cook products. He’s researched the other options and honestly believes what he sells is the best choice.

He asks, “Some places may be able to deliver quicker, but why buy something that isn’t going to last for years and years to come?”

If you live in the Douglas, Georgia area, stop by and visit Danny Crider and find the right Cook shed for you.

Hobbies/Interests: He loves watching NASCAR. He doesn’t have a favorite driver, but just enjoys the thrill of the race. Danny also likes watching college football, bowling and outdoor activities like fishing, biking or cooking out with friends.

Family: He loves spending time with his family, especially his nephew. He sees it as his job to get him away from the computer and enjoy those fun outdoor adventures.

Background: Danny has years of sales experience from selling insurance, office supplies and now Cook sheds.

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