Dare to Compare: Cook Building Construction


Have you begun the search for a portable shed and are overwhelmed by all the information, sales jargon and prices?

At Cook, we make it easy for any potential customer to compare our products, services, warranties and prices with our competition. This Cook Difference includes solid and inventive construction practices that ensure mobility and durability along with flexible purchasing programs and dedicated customer service.

From the overall base structure, to the nails and fasteners, to the quality of the lumber, each and every part of a Cook building meets our high standards.

Here are ten of the construction highlights from our Dare to Compare Checklist!

Gusseted Trusses 

Our 2×4 gusseted trusses are placed 24-inches on center, which adds strength to the entire roof system and prevents ongoing sagging. So you won’t have to worry about the weight of snow and ice on your shed’s roof.

Roof Decking

We use 7/16” OSB for roof decking because it’s manufactured with heat resistant glues that work to prevent delamination and warping.

Drip Edge

The vinyl drip edge used on our roofs prevents water damage to decking by diverting water along the edge of the shingles.

Shallow Groove LP Smart Side

This siding doesn’t obscure the aesthetic value of our sheds while maintaining the strength of our 19/32 SmartSide siding materials.

Cook’s use of shallow grooves significantly reduces the possibility of delamination, separation and warping on the sidewalls. So despite the exposure to weather, your walls will remain in great shape!




We use ring shank coated nails throughout sidewall construction. These fasteners provide maximum hold and strength which prevents swelling and contracting from any changes in weather including increased humidity.


Notched Floor Skids

The 4×6” pressure-treated floor skids are notched, which allows the building to be easily moved according to changing needs without damaging the floor system. The floor joists are recessed into the skid, which provides additional strength and durability.

Pulling Blocks

These blocks are installed with holes drilled at each end of the centermost skids to help prevent damage if the structure needs to be moved.

Bridge Blocks

They are installed between the floor joists where the sheets of plywood floor decking meet, which provides superior support for every floor system.

Adjustable Tension Rods

We install two adjustable tension rods on every door to prevent warping due to continued exposure to the elements as your portable shed ages.

Heavy Duty 6-inch Door Hinges

Every Cook door is installed with three heavy duty 6-inch zinc-plated hinges to provide maximum strength and durability.

Read more of the components that make Cook different in our Dare to Compare Checklist. Or download our buying guide to learn more!