Dare to Compare: Cook Flexible Purchasing Programs


At Cook, the difference between us and other portable shed companies is our attention to detail throughout the buying process. From a tailored, high-quality product, to dedicated customer support, to price guarantees and flexible buying programs, we have it all!

The Cook Difference means providing what our customers need in a storage building within the terms and price that fits into their lifestyle and circumstances.

From programs that are perfect for either short or long term rental needs like Rent to Own, to a lower cost option with the same warranties like Pre-Owned, to getting a larger building delivered when your needs change with Trade-Up, we make building ownership a reality!


Rent to Own

The Cook Rent to Own program provides the opportunity to lease a shed, have it delivered to your backyard with as little as a $200 deposit and minimum monthly payments.

We were the first portable shed company to offer Rent to Own through our in-house financial team. Since the beginning, we have been at the cutting edge of customer service in our industry.

A portion of those payments can go toward owning the building and can be paid off in 3-4 years. Unlike the monthly fees for a storage unit, with Rent to Own your payments are an investment in the future.

Rent to Own provides the opportunity for potential customers to have a test run before fully committing to buy the shed outright. Because we understand your storage needs might change, if you decide a portable shed isn’t the right fit, we will pick it up no questions asked.


At Cook we are able to offer quality, like-new, pre-owned sheds thanks to two primary factors. First, through Rent to Own, customers can discontinue the program and their building will be collected by our delivery drivers. More than 75 percent of our customers take advantage of the Rent to Own program.

Second, because we only use quality materials there will be little to no damage accrued or repairs needed on our sheds. If any work is necessary, our professionals will complete it prior to the unit being placed for resale.

Customers who choose the pre-owned option can get a nearly new building for a lower price and a great value. All new and pre-owned buildings come with the same lifetime warranty on our pressure treated materials.


The hardest part of buying or leasing a portable shed is selecting the right size. It’s just never easy to guess what your family’s storage needs will be in the future.

That’s why; Cook offers the trade-up program, which gives customers the option to replace their current building with a larger one that will better fit their needs. Trade-up can also be used in conjunction with Rent to Own and past payments made can be transitioned toward a larger unit.

With tailored buying options, we strive to anticipate any hurdle that could come between our customers and a Cook Portable Warehouse. Want to learn more? Check out the 3 things that make the Cook Difference different below!