Do’s and Don’ts of Labor Day Shopping

This weekend brings one of the biggest shopping times of the year with Labor Day. As a bridge between the end of the summer and the beginning of fall, it’s the perfect time to hit the sales and stock up on those things you need and have been waiting to buy. Here are the stores with the best deals!

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With any major purchases, we advise everyone to have a smart strategy for Labor Day shopping. For example, if you are shopping for a portable warehouse, make sure to consider the size, features, and look, and talk to your local dealer to ensure you get everything you need whether it be storage space, entertaining space, or something else.

For Labor Day weekend, use these Do’s and Don’ts to take advantage of all the savings offered!

Labor Day Shopping Do

What to do

Invest in luxury items: If you’ve had your eye on a particular expensive item for you or a loved one, now is the time to splurge. Designer items and luxury products can be offered up to 40 percent off.

Do digital research: With any shopping excursion, it’s critical to do your research before hitting the sales. This includes clipping paper coupons and using your smartphone and computer to do research and make the most of the savings potential.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the email newsletters for all your favorite stores. Oftentimes, these companies will send discounts and special offers exclusively over email. There are also helpful price comparison apps, like Red Laser, you can download to reference during your next shopping trip!

Stock up on summer essentials: With the summer ending, there is still time to have a few last minute outdoor parties, we promise! In fact, read our favorite themes for entertaining outside here!

But, the end of each season is the best time to take advantage of great deals to stock up your closet for when the warm summer weather returns! Grab items like shorts, sleeveless shirts, bathing suits, sunglasses, and even outdoor furniture like dining sets and grills. There will be big price cuts of up to 50 percent on apparel and supplies.

What not to do

Don’t buy just because it’s on sale: Just because something is marked down doesn’t mean it’s a smart buy. Focus on items like summer apparel and school supplies. Things like toys, fall clothing, and electronics, should wait for better deals later on in the year. Wait until October for fall clothing, December for toys, and Black Friday for TVs and other large electronics.

Don’t shopping too early: Often Labor Day sales begin days and even a week before the actual holiday. Make sure to balance your shopping strategy, so that you can get must-have items before they sell out. But, also keep in mind that the closer to the end of weekend, the better the deals will be, because dealers have to get rid of their remaining stock.

Don’t limit shopping to retail: Labor Day deals aren’t just limited to clothing, home goods, and accessories. Tickets to events, giftcards for restaurants, and even home and car maintenance, might also be discounted for quick sale. Always ask about Labor Day deals or freebies before completing a purchase!

If you are ready to go shopping, but aren’t sure that you have the space you need, take our quiz to see if a portable shed could be the best answer for your family!