Easy to Do Fall Home Preparations


Fall brings cooler temperatures, the beginning of the holiday season, comfy sweaters and bright seasonal colors like red, orange and yellow! It also signifies that the winter season is on the horizon.

Most of us could be looking for a few projects to accomplish this fall to improve the exterior and interior of our homes. So these tasks will help get your house ready for winter and could help you save some money too!

Having extra funds to reinvest in your home or storage needs is always a good thing! If you need a place for all those items that you have accumulated over the spring and summer months, think about adding a portable shed from Cook.

Here are some other important tasks to complete around your home this fall to be ready when winter begins!

Add outdoor lighting

As the calendar turns from fall to winter, days will get darker earlier. This increases the need for additional outdoor lightening.

So install some low voltage landscape lighting along a walkway, driveway, steps, fences or your garden. This will enhance the nighttime curb appeal and add additional measures of security with this relatively easy and inexpensive addition to your landscape.

Prep your landscape

While it’s still nice outside, take advantage by getting a head start on those gardening tasks. Because grass roots will keep growing until the ground temperature decreases to 40 degree, add a high-phosphorus mixture to your lawn now. This will stimulate root growth and allow your turf to grow earlier next spring.

Other tasks to complete include seeding your lawn, starting a compost pile and trimming down shrubs and trees. October is the perfect month to start composting with those fall leaves, yard clippings and other food waste. Because the decomposition process takes several months, it will be ready to go for spring!

Create an efficient home office

If you are considering remodeling or repurposing a room, add a simple home office. Think about those snowy days when you would need a comfy space to work from home.

From adding a basic desk, cabinets, bookcase or filling cabinets to building a more custom set-up, you can’t go wrong! You can build a simple bookcase or mount some shelves on the wall for books, files and other things you need to store.

Winterize windows, doors and more

The seals around your front door can tear, bend or just wear out over time allowing cold air to get into your home. Replacing or repairing the seal on your door is easy and a less expensive option than installing a new door.

Other aesthetic upgrades that could enhance the curb appeal of your home include adding exterior trim, replacing sconces, changing out the door handle or adding a new doormat.

It’s also important to check your fireplace on a regular basis for chipped bricks or soot that has accumulated. Replace any broken tiles or add an insert to help decrease your heating bills. It’s a smart practice to get your chimneys swept at least once a year at the beginning of winter.

Other projects include adding shades, curtains and blinds to your windows, which can help hold in 10-30 percent of heat and replacing your exterior hose faucets with freeze-proof facets.

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