Entertaining: How to Create an Outdoor Living Room

Create an Outdoor Living Room + Cook Portable Warehouses

Spring, Summer, Fall, they’re all great times of the year to have an outdoor party! But, with the right outside space, your family will spend more time outside than inside.

And if you’re looking to sell your home, a large outdoor entertaining space is a great selling point!

So, why not go all out and create an outdoor living room! You can even work your Cook shed into your space. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your outdoor entertaining and living space.

Outline Pathways

Don’t leave any room for someone to be confused! Create well defined paths and traffic routes through your outdoor living space.  This can be a pathway from your home or driveway. And it can also be well defined paths around your “room.” BHG suggests using pathways and shrubs to create corners and boundaries.

Check out these surface options for your new backyard path!

Create Boundaries & Privacy

You want to create a boundary for your outdoor living space. This can be privacy fencing, shrubs or even a pergola or gazebo. This will add extra privacy, while giving you and your guests the feel that you really are enjoying an extension of your home.  HGTV has some great examples for your outdoor living space.  

If you have a structure like a gazebo, you might even consider adding curtains for additional privacy and shade during the day.

Add Lighting

The right lighting can really set the mood if your get together is after dark.  Whether it’s intimate or a party in your backyard, lighting is everything.  The purpose of lighting?

-Safety — clearly mark your pathways with light.

-Security — see who’s showing up to the party!

-Ambiance — create the mood you’re looking for.

As you decide on the lighting, the first question you need to ask is how much light do you need? Then, you can decide on the type of lighting you’d like to add. Here are some options you can look into:

Add Fire Pit to Your Outdoor Living Space + Cook Portable Warehouse-Fire Pit Here are some fun fire pit options. Fires add a cozy feel to your backyard no matter what time of year it is! And if you’re having kids over, they’ll love having a way to make s’mores.

-Stringed Lights — These you can add a little or a lot! You can use the traditional Christmas lights or go with the larger bulbed string lights.  Just make sure whatever you purchase is made for outdoor use.  

-Lanterns — These can either be candle lit, or battery powered. You can set them on tables or line a pathway.  

-Pathway Lights — create a well lit pathway. There are many different ways you can do this. You  can purchase glow in the dark markers to line each side of the pathway.  Have you seen Glow Stones? You can purchase them to line a driveway, pathway and more.


Purchase Outdoor Buildings

If you decide to add a portable building to you landscape and outdoor living room, a Cook shed can be a great addition! You can customize a Utility Shed, adding double doors to each side of the shed, creating an open, but sheltered entertaining space.

Add extra seating and a place to store food. You can also add plumbing and electric to your shed if you wanted to have an outdoor bathroom, or add a TV or sound system to your outdoor living room.

Whenever you’re updating your home, Zillow has a great database of pictures and ideas to check out! Here’s their outdoor living section.

The best thing about creating an outdoor living space is you can make it as extravagant or as simple as you like. You can even scour yard sales for furniture and yard decorations to update and incorporate into your landscape. Here’s some fun ways to fit yard sale items into your garden and landscape.

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