Home Entertaining Tips for Your July 4th Party


This weekend brings one of our favorite holidays- the Fourth of July! And if you are planning to host friends, family, neighbors or anyone else this weekend, we have some helpful tips for you.

Here are some creative and inexpensive ways to have your backyard and tablescape looking great and your guests entertained while you are hard at work on the grill!

First, how about some creative party decorations:

Make food decorative

Use stencils and a sharp knife or vegetable peeler to carve festive things (July 4th, let’s party, etc.) into the rind of a watermelon. Then, display your assortment of fruit on your porch, deck or as a fun centerpiece on your table. It’s an easy way to add a really a unique touch to your party.

And don’t forget to save one watermelon to cut up so everyone can enjoy it during the party.

Make simple, festive banners

Cut out an equal number of stars from red and blue poster board. Keep them the same size by using the first one as a guide. Coat the stars with craft glue and sprinkle with glitter.

After they are dry, punch a hole in the top of each star. Then, run red and blue ribbons through the hole and hang anywhere.

Or for a lower cost alternative, get paint chips in red and blue from a home improvement store , cut into triangles, punch 2 holes in each and string together about 1 inch apart with ribbon or yarn.

Then, think about your table setting:

Red, white and blue centerpiece

Make the center of your table extremely patriotic by wrapping clear candle holders or vases in red and blue paper. Cut up strips of colorful paper and attach with an adhesive to jars, candle holders, etc. Then, add some tea candles and colorful flowers and your table is ready to go!

Flag centerpiece

To continue the festive theme, another option is a basket full of decorative grass, baseballs and some small American flags. Nothing says America more than that!

And here are some activities to keep party going while you are busy cooking:

Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun party game and with a few easy tweaks it can made into a larger tossable version for many people to enjoy.

First, cut a 20-inch square from a painter’s drop cloth, then turn back the edges and press them with an iron. Use duct tape to finish the edges and mark the squares. To make the pieces, get sachet bags and fill with sand, add the Xs or Os in paint and color code the bags with duct tape.

Make your own sparklers

Make your party one to remember with dazzling sparkler party favors. All you will need to make them is a color printer, white cardstock, scissors, a craft knife, a cutting mat and sparklers.

First, print pages on cardstock, cut out the designs and use a craft knife to cut along the white dotted lines. Then, slide the sparklers through the slits so that the words are on top and you are ready to get the show started!

Or just soak up the sunny weather

There is no better activity on July 4th weekend than just relaxing with family and friends. Have a low-key, hang out by the lake or beach (even if you’re stuck inland) kind of day.

Just set out festive lounge chairs, beach towels, sunscreen, pool toys and other summer essentials to help make your party relaxing and enjoyable.

Now you are ready to have the best July 4th party ever! If you are looking for space to store all those party supplies, think about a Cook building. And learn more about us by downloading our brochure below.