How to Know your Stuff is Safe in a Cook Building


The Cook Difference is what we pride ourselves on.
It’s the components that ensure your Cook shed will far exceed other portable warehouses in quality and value. But what if your concern is keeping everything you need to store safe from the elements and looking its best?

Well when you buy from Cook, you can rest easy knowing that your stuff will be safe and secure inside our sheds from high winds, rain and any other weather. Here are some factors that our building specialists have perfected so your Cook storage shed will be standing years and years into the future.


Weatherproofed Structure

Because every building is outside in the elements, weather conditions can have a substantial impact on your shed. The quality of materials and sound craftsmanship has a direct impact on the durability of a shed.

Each and every one of our construction materials are top-quality. We use 40 percent pressure-treated lumber, the highest quality for above ground use, on our entire floor system. All pressure treated lumber is insured from any moisture and terminate damage for the life of the structure.


Base and Roof Construction

The floor of your shed is critical because it holds up those heavy items and is in direct contact with the ground. Our warehouse floor systems with 5/8” or ¾” pressure treated decking provide the sound support and toughness to withstand weather and moisture outside and safely store anything inside.

The roof is an equally important part of the structure of your building because it has to hold up under rains, snow, high winds and more. Our 20/25-year fiberglass shingles and OSB Decking with waterproof adhesives and vinyl drip edges keep rain and other precipitation out. Drip edges wick water off the edges of shingles to prevent possible rotting and damage.

The vented structure on the roof of all Cook sheds provides the proper ventilation and prevents condensation from building up and causing damage to the items inside. Other warehouse companies use dryer ventilation, which isn’t as effective and allows for some moisture to get into the building.


Tailored Doors

Our doors are constructed so our customers can easily get in and out with their bigger items and are made to withstand the elements and remain securely closed.

Storm chains and a locking door handles ensure that winds won’t impact the security of your belongings. Adjustable tension rods and 6-inch door hinges add durability that will keep the building looking great despite the elements.

Not only are our sheds built from long-lasting materials, but every customer can choose the size that fits their needs, color scheme that matches their home and the perfect placement in their yard.

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