How to Make Fall Entertaining Simple and Inexpensive


Fall is the last chance to entertain, have a little fun and kick up your heels before the malaise of winter sets in. And one great way to enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather is to host a fall themed dinner party.

Invite family, friends, neighbors or work colleagues over and enjoy the mild weather! Entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful, just make your event as simple or complex as you want! 

Use this fall entertaining guide and you will have everything ready to go before you know it!

Choose the right setting

For more small scale dinner parties, your home is the perfect cozy choice! And although fall weather can be unpredictable at times depending on what area of the country you live in, this is your last chance to host outside.

Choose a day that looks clear and bright with mild temperatures and host outside on your deck or patio. But don’t forget to make a back-up plan just in case. Invest in some canopies or tarps, or just move the party indoors!

If your Cook Portable Warehouse has been converted to an entertainment destination or pub shed, then take the party there until the bad weather clears up!

Select an applicable theme

Because there are now leaves on the ground and sweaters in your closet, a tropical beach party doesn’t apply anymore. So choose a theme that reflects the season.

This could just mean picking a color pallet with reds, oranges and yellows. Or you could take it a step further and include decor using pumpkins and gourds or specialized napkin holders and placemats too!

If you don’t have room to store all those off-season party decorations and supplies, then think about investing in a Cook shed to hold and organize all your stuff seasonally.

Think about extra touches

You don’t have to spend a ton on a new centerpiece for every party theme or season. Start with standard inexpensive grocery store flower arrangements and add other cheap natural elements like dried wheat or features.

Don’t forget about lighting, especially if you are hosting the party outside at night. Hurricane or other paper lanterns are functional, inexpensive and hold up well in a variety of external conditions.

Provide seasonal food and drink

Pair food and beverage options that reflect the fall season and will keep your guests satisfied! Offer drinks like a hot apple cider with champagne or a pumpkin martini! For appetizers, have a board with a selection of cheese, fruits and meats.

For the main course, try to use your grill one last time and cook up beef tenderloin or steaks along with a rustic blue cheese salad. Don’t forget to provide a vegetarian option as well.

And of course, everyone’s favorite part of the meal- dessert! Make a warm pear crumble or classic pecan pie. For more dessert ideas, here are 27 perfect sweet treats for fall!

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