How to Turn your Shed into an Entertainment Destination


Summer means it’s time to socialize, entertain, and party it up! Because it’s the season for family barbecues, neighborhood gatherings and pool parties, everyone needs to make sure their place is ready to go.

Even if the inside of your home looks perfect, you might have to take the party outside due to the amount of space available. And what’s more fun than an outdoor celebration on a cool summer evening.

And your Cook shed can easily be transitioned into an entertainment destination right in your backyard. It can extend your outdoor living space and make it the place everyone wants to be.

Here are 3 examples of ways to convert your Cook Portable Warehouse into your own unique entertainment destination!

Pool House

If you have a backyard pool or hot tub (we are officially jealous!), it could be convenient to turn your Cook shed into a pool house. Making it an accessible place for friends and family to change clothes or get ready to swim, keeps your home clean and dry.

Add a couple floor length mirrors, hooks to hang swimming suits and towels and shelves to hold sunscreen, bug spray and other outdoor toiletries. Use vertical hanging devices to hold larger pool toys, noodles, rafts and folding chairs. This will save you some valuable floor space. Make it more comfortable with waterproof seating options like wicker chairs.

If you have some available time, put in a path in between your new pool house and your pool. Lay down stones, pavers or gravel to build an easy pathway. Here is a simple, inexpensive way to put in a backyard path.

Game Room

A game room can be the place for your teenage kids or a fun place for adults too. You can outfit it with the latest video games and gaming systems. Think about moving your kids’ current playroom from your house to your Cook building. It will open up space in your home and keep them safe and under supervision, right in the backyard.

Or fill the space with a pool table, ping pong table, Foosball table or attach a basketball hoop to the outside. Or for a low-tech option, gather all your board games and cards from closets and add a table and chairs. It might quickly become your family’s favorite place to be!

Mini Bar

One of the biggest current trends in shed ownership is the Pub Shed. Turning your shed into a mini bar isn’t too difficult and will save time for the hosts and guests who are walking back and forth to get refills!

You’ll need a high table, bar stools, a mini refrigerator, shelves/wine rack to hold your favorite liquors, wines and spirits, some glasses and of course unique artwork for the walls. For more details on how to create your very own Pub Shed, read this post!

And for more ways to convert your Cook portable building, download our free Conversion Guide below!