How to Turn your Shed into the Perfect Greenhouse


We’ve talked about why our Cook Garden Sheds are perfect for any gardener from a beginner with just a few plants to an expert with a very green thumb. Our Garden Shed is the place to keep your supplies, equipment, potting soil, plants, herbs and much more!

But during those long, dark winter months often gardening is put on hold. But, what if you could have your own dedicated space to garden without having to face those cold temperatures and windy conditions?

Have you ever thought of turning your Cook shed into your own greenhouse? Then, you will have one dedicated space for all your gardening activities.

Here are 4 ways to make your Cook Portable Warehouse into the greenhouse of your dreams!

Control the Temperature

It’s important that your greenhouse has enough warmth and humidity through the winter months. If your shed is facing towards the sun that will help keep it warm throughout the day.

And don’t forget, every Cook shed comes with Double Stud Construction of the sidewalls, which prevents separation and gaps, creating a stronger overall wall system. Our high quality construction means that cold air stays out of your shed.

You can also add insulation or space heaters to help keep things toasty inside your shed. With space heaters, remember to be extra careful and heed all the safely recommendations. Learn about safe practices from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Choose the Right Light Source

It’s important for any greenhouse to have enough light so your plants can grow! In your Cook shed, you most likely already have some great natural light coming in through the windows!

All of our buildings can be customized to include additional windows. The size and location of these windows can be personalized too. So, you can get as much light as you need for a fully functioning greenhouse. Or think about investing in some portable, battery powered lights.

Organize your Stuff

First, choose the area of your Cook buildings that will be for storage and the portion that will be the greenhouse area. For the area you plan to use for storage, invest in shelves and bins to keep your supplies organized.

Cut PVC pipe in half and attach to the wall with screws to keep long handle gardening tool upright. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep seed packets and other smaller items from getting lost. Read more creative ways to organize here!

Get Planting

Although winter might not be the ideal time to start up a garden, there are plenty of things that thrive in colder weather. Here are 3 plants or flowers that would be perfect in your Cook Portable Warehouse this winter!

  • Peonies- This colorful and scented flower grows best in large pots where the roots can spread out. They will need 6 hours of sunlight daily and enough air circulation to thrive.
  • Alumroot or Coral Bells- These plants can grow in pretty much any plastic container with moist soil. They only require partial shade or filtered sunlight, perfect for the inside of your shed.
  • Catmint- These fragrant plants are ideal for winter because they can survive in extremely cold conditions. Just place growing plants in the window for some partial sunlight and make sure the soil is moist.

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