Mistakes to Avoid when Fall Cleaning


Everyone has heard of spring cleaning but what about fall cleaning?

When you’re working on seasonal cleaning and decluttering, it’s important to be as efficient as possible. So we have all heard what to do, but what about those tips you should avoid when working on fall cleaning and organizing?

Avoid these 5 missteps and your stuff will be organized and ready for when you need it. Another way to get organized is to add more space with a Cook Portable Warehouse.

Tackling too much at once

Don’t think you will be able organize your entire house over a day or a weekend. If you tackle too much, at once, you could get overwhelmed and exhausted. A better way is to block off 2-3 hours at a time or choose one room at a time. This will increase you efficiency and get the entire task completed quicker.

Jumping from task to task

One major issue is getting started and then becoming quickly overwhelmed by the many piles of stuff everywhere. The first step is putting everything into categories (store, donate, give to a friend, recycle and throw away).

Then, the most important part is to take those things to their designated place. Take those things to the trash immediately. Bag the items up and put them in your car and drop them off.

Buying before organizing

It’s tempting to run out and buy all those cute and colorful containers at the beginning. But the smarter choice is to wait to buy supplies until you have completed the task. Then, you will be able to measure the space and decide what type of containers you need and where they will be placed.

Assess what containers you really need. You can also buy more later on but you don’t want a bunch of unused bins sitting around the house.

Thinking it’s a one time thing

Remember although you might have set aside a concentrated time for cleaning and organizing, the process is always ongoing. Don’t feel like a failure if you have to go back and organize again in a few months. Because houses are full of people, regular upkeep is required to maintain a high level of efficiency.

Holding yourself to too high standards

Don’t expect perfection when you are organizing your home. Your house, closets, drawers, etc. won’t always look perfect. Just make sure your things are smartly organized in a system that allows you to easily find things and reduce your stress level.

Avoid these 5 things and your fall cleaning and organizing will be done in a snap! During the process if you find out you need to keep more stuff than you have space for, think about adding a Cook shed right in your backyard. Check out the Cook Portable Warehouses buying guide to learn more!