Moving Tips: The Value of a Storage Shed

As you prepare to move, whether it’s just across town or across the nation, having a storage shed is a great asset!

Everyone needs more room for their stuff and when a move is pending, it’s needed even more so.  Here’s the value of a storage shed when you’re moving:

Moving Tips: The Value of a Storage Shed

  • Provides storage space as you get your house in order, before and after the move.

Moving can be a long process and before you move is the best time to get organized and downsize. So, use your Cook shed to store items you want to sell in a yard sale or consignment.

You may even need to start with your Cook shed so you have plenty of room to store your items as you get your household in order before the big move.   

  • Helps the resale value of your home if you decide to leave the shed.  

Ample storage space is one of the top features that potential home buyers look for.  They may even decide not to purchase a beautiful home if they don’t believe there is enough room for their stuff. That’s when a Cook shed is a good investment for you and the future of your house.

If your shed is cleaned and organized, it can actually help your potential buyers see just how much storage there is at their disposal.

If you plan to move eventually, a portable shed can be a simple investment that can really pay off in the end! Read more about how a storage shed can increase the value of your home!

  • Your storage investment can move with you.

With Cook, you don’t have to leave your storage investment behind! We make deliveries all over the U.S., which means you could potentially have your Cook shed moved from one home to another.  For 30 miles or less, we have a flat fee. If your new home is more than 30 miles away, additional mileage fees will apply.

When you’re planning to move and while you’re settling into your new location, having extra storage space is always needed. If you have to leave your Cook shed behind, find a dealer near your new town. Let us know how we can help make your move even smoother!

Working on selling your home? Here are 5 tips for making the sale simple and hassle-free.  Good luck in your move! If you’re trying to tackle organization in each room, here’s a great free resource!