Reasons Why a Cook Building is a Good Investment


Are you considering investing in a Cook Portable Warehouse to meet your storage needs but have questions about the short or long term value?

Well with a Cook shed, you get the extra storage space you need and a smart investment that will last the test of time. Our warranties guarantee a high quality and durable structure.

Our warehouses keep their value over time so your building will look good years down the road. Here are three reasons that a Cook building is a solid monetary decision anytime.

Great for short or long term needs

If you are in need of some extra space during a change in your life or are looking to make a long term decision to finally add that necessary space, a Cook shed is the answer.

Our Rent to Own program allows anyone to have a trial run with only the obligation of a monthly fee. If your financial needs change, we will pick up the unit with no further payments from you.

Another option is our pre-owned buildings that can give you a quality building with the same warranties as a new shed for a lower price.

And if your needs change and you could use a larger shed, the Cook Trade-Up program allows you to easily find a better fit for your storage needs.

Add value to your home

A quality shed can add value to your home and give you an advantage over others if the time comes to sell. Over the years, everyone accumulates tons of stuff, so having more space for those items will always be a positive thing during any house hunt.

The floor system on every building includes notched floor skids and bridge blocks that provide strength and allow for easily mobility without damaging the structure.

Another feature that is unique to Cook is the ability to customize the color, style and look of your shed so it seamlessly integrates into your existing home and yard. You can pick anything from the color of the siding and shingles to the size of your windows and shutters and much more! Check out how with our Build a Warehouse Tool.

No risk warranties

At Cook, we adhere to strict quality standards when as we construct each and every one of our sheds. So with every purchase, we include a lifetime warranty on all pressure treated materials and a 5-year labor and materials warranty.  

Now, what are you waiting for? Want to learn more about why a Cook building is a solid investment and how to get started today? With a few easy steps and a small deposit, you could have a new storage shed in your backyard in 7-10 working days! Click below to check out our buying guide.