Simple Things to Make your Home Happier


Fall brings an end to the fun times and vacations of summer and the start back for school and work obligations.

Sometimes daily stress can get in the way of you enjoying time at home with family and friends. From problems at work, to kids who need help with their homework and even clutter piling up and stopping you from finding the thing you need.

Having a happy home directly impacts your mood and level of productivity. So if this sounds like you, here are 7 simple things to do around your house to make it a happier and calmer place.


Make your bed

Making your bed before you leave in the morning is a great, simple way to impact your mood for the day. In just a few minutes, you’re prepared for the day.

Tidy up in the mornings

If you have an extra few minutes in the morning, spend 2-3 minutes in each room tidying things up. Then, when you get home from work, you won’t have to clean up and can focus on other things. Clutter causes stress and order is a way to ease those feelings of anxiety.

Try to enjoy doing chores

It’s no secret that those things that everyone has to do around the house like washing dishes and doing laundry are no fun.  So take a team approach and use that as a time to catch up on everyone’s day or just play some music and jam out!

Do small favors around the house

It always feels good to do things for others without being asked. So mow the lawn, take out the trash or go through those boxes piling up in your garage. The next time you have an especially long day, someone will pay you back without being asked!

Display sentimental items

Make your home a gallery with pictures of family and friends. Put pictures in every room to provide a quick cheer-up for anyone after a long day.

Spend time by yourself

Take a few minutes every day by yourself and do whatever calms you. You could also create a meditation space in your home as a place to relax. A Cook portable shed can be easily transformed into anything from a yoga studio, to a meditation space and much more!

Invest money at home

Putting some available funds back into your home will make it the place that you and your family love to be! This can be small things like a new DVD or board game or larger things like a new grill or even a portable building.

If the reason for your stress is disorganization in your home and garage, adding a Cook Portable Warehouses could be the answer! You can get more room, right in your backyard! Talk about an instant stress reliever!  Here are 3 more important things to consider when choosing a shed!