Solutions to those Tricky Thanksgiving Day Problems


Thanksgiving is a great chance to spend time with family and friends and eat way too much of course! But, if you are the one hosting the event, often the day becomes more stressful than it is fun!

Well, that won’t happen this year! We have put together our list of common Thanksgiving problems and some of the easy solutions to avoid those headaches.

Enjoy your holiday by following our guide to solve your turkey day issues and focus on that valuable and relaxing family time!

Problem #1
: There is not enough room in the refrigerator for all that scrumptious food.

Solution: First, empty the fridge of everything but the essentials. Oftentimes, people keep items that don’t have to be refrigerated like some sauces, bread, etc. in their fridge. 

Other items for the big meal like potatoes, apples, etc. can be stored in a cool, dry place like a basement or even in your Cook shed.

Also, get rid of anything that is expired or any leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Those things in to-go containers for more than a few days are most likely not going to be eaten.

If space is really at a premium, use a large cooler to hold those holiday dishes like the turkey, casseroles, etc. Fill the cooler with ice and keep in a cool space for up to 24 hours.

Problem #2:
You have a ton of delicious dishes to prepare and only one kitchen to cook them in.

Solution: We are a big fan of making lists to keep things as organized as possible and this is the perfect situation to make a prep list. Make photocopies of all your recipes so they are at your fingertips. Consider what dishes and prep work, like chopping vegetables or baking pies, can be done ahead of time.

Then, think about the timing on Thanksgiving Day. Work backwards from the meal time and rank dishes according to their recommended cook time (we are willing to bet the turkey or ham will take the longest). This ensures that everything stays warm and ready to serve.

Check the cooking temperature to see if you can utilize the oven for more than one dish at a time. Be careful to remain alert and use multiple kitchen timers to stay on top of everything.

Problem #3:
Everyone wants to help, but the kitchen is too cluttered with people.

Solution: It’s always a good thing when people offer to help with the preparation or plating of dishes. But to avoid congestion in the kitchen or other food prep space, make it easy for them to help, but also to stay out of your space.

Create smaller prep areas in other rooms of your home like a beverage cart with glasses, ice and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options or a small table for someone who wants to help with those finishing touches.

Also, think about asking guests to bring cold dishes like salads or a cheese and meat plate, to alleviate the number of people in the kitchen at one time.

If you are having the problem of too little space inside your home and need a quick storage solution during the holidays or year round, think about investing in a Cook Portable Warehouse! Learn more about the Cook Difference by downloading the free resource below!