“Thank You For Buying a Shed” – Sincerely, Your Garage

Hi, remember me? I’m your garage. You know, the giant partial building attached to your home that has boxes piling up where you used to park your car. I’m the place that gets thrown any extra clutter, or trash for that matter, when your friends or family are visiting. Sound familiar?

I remember the first time you opened me up; you were so excited to see enough space for two parked cars. I had the floors looking especially shiny for you that day!

I hadn’t been that clean and empty in over 20 years. And then the moving truck arrived.

Open, Clean & Empty Garage - AdobeStock_344233242

I had prepared myself for this, though. I knew you’d want to put most of the boxes here so you could bring them in as you unpacked each room. I mean, it’s practical. Clutter is the worst, and I try to avoid it at all costs. But what I didn’t prepare myself for was the fact half of those boxes stayed here for over six months.

Six months of your car sitting outside the garage instead of where it was supposed to be, cozy and warm inside. Instead of protecting your brand new SUV, I had to watch it sit just outside the garage collecting tree sap on that beautiful new paint.

I got excited one Saturday when you carried in new shelves. I thought for sure we were going to turn a new leaf in our relationship. That it was finally the day you would be picking up, organizing and bringing your cars in where they belong. But then you hollered for help to get the shelving in the house. It was for your new home office. Not for me.

Do you realize I haven’t seen my floors in 6 months? Do you realize that your youngest’s favorite place to play hide and seek is in the garage because there are literally hundreds of boxes to hide behind? Do you realize that instead of having that nice new car smell mixed with a little exhaust, I’ve started smelling like mildew and musty old boxes? I’m embarrassed every time the door opens and the kitchen gets a whiff of me. 

I mean, if you wanted to have a yard sale, I would help! I’m a great yard sale shelter. You can keep your things dry and it’s easy to just close up shop for the day. Plus, I have wall space if you need to hang anything to display. Just think about it. It might be a great way to cut some clutter. And you have plenty of junk, I mean, valuable items inside that I’m sure someone would love to pay you for!


But something unexpected happened the other day. A man came and measured from the back door all the way to the back fence. Made me wonder what he was up to. Then, yesterday there seemed to be a loud argument with the kids about cleaning something, I couldn’t quite hear the whole conversation though. One of them kicked a box or two on their way inside, though. 

Oh, here you are. Wait, what did you say? No…really?! That box can leave soon? Wait, that one too? But where? Where are you taking these boxes and totes and the giant Christmas tree right in the middle?

A shed? 

A Lofted Barn Shed? 

Lofted-barn- backyard

Oh, that pile over there would go perfectly in a loft! And that pile over there wouldn’t look so daunting if you just had a few shelves. I can’t believe this, you’re really getting a shed?! 

Functioning Garage - AdobeStock_356395276

Thank you! 

Thank you. I can’t wait to see your SUV back in here. And I say you leave your bikes and scooters in here, those fit nicely and that way the kids have easy access to them.

Wow, a functioning garage again…I. Can’t. Wait.


Think your garage might feel the same? Declutter and let it protect your cars as it was intended to. Let’s start building your backyard shed today and help you find more room for your stuff! Or, if you’re needing a garage to start with, no worries, we have those too!{{cta(‘1560f07a-f8df-4798-a772-98c7d47a421d’,’justifycenter’)}}