The Best and Worst Buys in July

The month of July begins the official second half of the year. With warm summer weather getting everyone out of the house, shopping might be the furthest thing from your mind. And if you are headed out for a camping trip, check out our packing list of items you shouldn’t forget.

Read these recommendations from Cook below for those smart purchases every month in 2017. Every month brings different sales and deals that are smart to take advantage of.







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And learn more about the unmatched features that Cook offers to help save our customers money in the long run! And here are a few purchases to take advantage of and others to avoid in July!

The Best And Worst Buys in July

Last-Minute Travel

Just like in June when we recommended checking for those last-minute deals on tropical vacations, July is another great month to find travels deals. You can find good deals on airfare and hotel rooms, both are much cheaper in July compared to August.

You can also organize an inexpensive family road trip thanks to low gas prices. Take a trip to a national park or choose a city with lots of free events, fairs, and concerts.

House Paint

Because of the brutal summer heat, those outdoor chores are often neglected or delayed until the weather gets a little cool. So, things like outdoor house paint are deeply discounted. If you know what colors you need, it’s time to stock up!

And you don’t have to worry about this paint going bad, it can last up to ten years unopened.

Christmas in July

One of the newest trends in summer sales is “Christmas in July” to help bridge the gap between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Look out for great deals on travel, toys, gifts, jewelry and of course holiday decorations. Although the holidays are still months off, it’s always smart to purchase these types of items during the off-season.

And, with your Cook Portable Warehouse, you have room to store things like holidays decorations without cluttering up your home.

3 Things to Avoid in July

Amazon offers many deals this month. Be smart and stick to items that you really need versus those impulse buys that always end up in the cart.

Just like in past months, unless you absolutely must replace your old grill, wait until the end of the summer season. If you hold off until the end of August, you could save up to 25 percent.

Also, we recommend waiting on purchasing a laptop as well. There will be back to school sales and no sales tax weekends (for school supplies) in August.

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