The Best Deals this August (and a Few to Avoid)

August is a big shopping month with back to school needs and nearing the beginning of the Fall season. With any big shopping expenses, it’s smart to do your homework up front to ensure you get the best deals.

Each month, we have offered our recommendations for the best buys. Read up on the greatest deals in each month here:








At Cook, we care about our customers and that’s why we provide the best deals month-to-month. We also offer our high quality portable buildings with flexible purchasing problems like the Rent to Own option, as well as offering Pre-Owned portable sheds with the same warranties as our new sheds.

A Cook Shed is a great deal year-round. Here are a few other best deals this August to take advantage of!

 Best Deals in August


Back to School Supplies

With the end of the summer comes the start of school and the start of back to school sales. Take advantage of great deals on paper, pens, notebooks, highlighters, crayons, and more. Most office supply stores will offer deals throughout the month, so even if you aren’t a student or parent of a student, stock up on those items now!

If you have friends or neighbors who have kids near the same age, it could be a smart idea to combine needs and order in bulk on Amazon or from another online retailer.

If your kids are a little older and need more expensive school supplies like a laptop, this is the month for those purchases too. Laptop prices typically drop dramatically in August and September and are up to 25 percent off retail price.


End of Summer Apparel

We have written about this buying rule in past months, for clothing and apparel to get the best deals it’s smart to wait until the end of the season and then stock up your wardrobe. If you need new swimwear, get it down because the deals go away in September.

Summer sales can offer deals up to 60 percent off, so now is the time to buy for yourself, family, friends, and kids. Account for growth spurts, so go a size or two up for kids. August is also a good time to invest in new shoes, especially for the kids.


Warm Weather Fun

Summer clothing isn’t the only hot weather items where good deals can be found. If you need to invest or upgrade your patio furniture, August is the month to make those purchases. If you purchase a new outdoor entertaining set-up now, you can still enjoy it for a few more months before the weather gets too cold.

Deals on outdoor dining sets can be as much as 40-60 percent off, so make sure to price shop. Once you get your new furniture, create your new outdoor living room like in this blog.

And if you want to enjoy a nice bottle of wine while spending time outside, August is the month to stock up your supply before many vineyards harvest their grapes in September.


Things to avoid in August

There are a few major purchases that are smart to hold off and find better deals later this fall.

Those things include:

  1.     Gas and charcoal grills where deals are better in September.
  2.     Televisions, because it’s smart to hold off until Black Friday.
  3.     Smartphones because typically newer versions come out in the Fall.

Make sure your portable shed is back to school ready in this blog! And download the free resource from Cook below to make going back to school simple!