The Hidden Dangers of Buying an Inferior Shed, Part 2: The Warranties


In our last blog post we discussed the dangers in buying from a portable shed company that provides an inferior product. This includes building features and construction standards that at Cook we consider below par.

For example, we use ring shank coated nails rather than regular nails, ground contact rated lumber rather than a cheap substitute and our roofs have a ridge vent rather than the less effective dryer vent option.

But another big component of providing the best experience for the customers is having fair and complete warranties and guarantees in place to ensure continued satisfaction. Many of our competitors who are worried about the bottom line don’t consider this an important part of business.

Well at Cook, we do! We aren’t just worried about customer satisfaction and peace of mind on the day we make the sale. We are concerned about it every day the customer owns one of our Cook Portable Warehouses.

Unlike many of our competitors, we can back up our warranty promises because of our mobile maintenance teams who can come to any customers’ house to remedy a problems. 

Learn more about the warranties and guarantees we provide on every one of our new and pre-owned buildings!

Five Year Fix-It-All Warranty

We describe this as our Bumper-to-Bumper warranty. It covers all defects in craftsmanship and materials during the first 5 years of ownership. This warranty is included with our new and pre-owned buildings.

You won’t find another guarantee that covers every building on a lot for 5 years after the purchase date. This means if the customer finds any imperfections, Cook professionals will come fix them immediately for no cost. Many of our competitors offer a much more limited form of this or none at all.

Lifetime Warranty on Treated Components

Our Cook sheds are constructed with pressure treated materials. The entire floor system including notched floor skids, floor joists and 5/8” pressure-treated decking on every building, is made of ground contact rated lumber.

What this means for the customer is that we use the highest rated lumber for direct contact. This quality allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on all our pressure treated components. So if any damage happens due to termites or fungal decay, our professionals will come and replace the lumber at no cost.

How many of our competitors have a lifetime warranty on any component of their buildings? We are betting few can offer or back up this same guarantee.

Our competitors shift the burden back to the customer by telling them to call the wood manufacturer. But Cook is the only company that backs up our warranty and provides full service after the sale.

50 Year Siding Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our buildings feature our exclusive 19/32” shallow groove LP SmartSide siding. This product protects sidewalls from weather and reduces the chance of any delamination. And Cook offers a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty on this product. To learn more about this warranty, click here!

30 Year Shingle Manufacturer’s Warranty

The shingles on every Cook roof system are grade “A” shingles and include a 30 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. To learn more about this warranty, click here!

40 Year Metal Roofing Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you choose a metal roof for your Cook building, it’s will be constructed from 29 gauge steel and comes with a 40 year manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the paint.

Cook buildings come with warranties that matter to our customers. If you are considering buying a shed from a company that isn’t offering warranties or guarantees like these, be wary. And for more on what makes Cook Portable Warehouses different from our competitors, download the guide below!