The Question This Shed Dealer Loves to Answer

Online search engines make it easy to learn about any product on the market.  But, there’s still so much to be said for seeing a product in person.

Not only that, but you can talk straight with the seller and ask all of the questions you may not be able to find the answers to online.  

Cook Dealer Chad Brooks, in Energy, IL, says there’s one question he loves people to ask when they visit his lot.

“So many people are selling sheds these days, why should I buy a Cook shed?”

He loves getting this question because it gives him the opportunity to journey with the customer from the ground up of how the building is made and why it’s the best choice.

Telling his customers the truth about the quality of the buildings, he said he can impress most people who walk through the door.

So he advises his customers to buy their last shed, first, while pointing out these key features:

 Cook Dealer Chad Brooks in Energy Illinois + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Thick, Strong Siding

Many times families are storing valuable items in their shed, items that are sometimes worth more than the shed itself.  So, why would you choose a shed who’s siding can easily be kicked in? See all of the superior materials used to build Cook sheds.


  • Unmatched Warranties

This is the item that makes it easy for Cook dealers to sell Cook sheds.  These warranties show the confidence the company has in the product.  They offer a lifetime warranty on all treated components, plus a five year labor and materials warranty.

Brooks says you need to ask about the warranty of the shed you’re thinking about buying.  Beware the “manufacturer’s warranty” which many times can mean they will supply you with the part, but you will need to find and pay the labor.


  • Lowest Price Guarantee

Brooks loves to tell his customers about this feature because he knows most customers will shop around before they decide on a shed. As they should!

He also knows there isn’t a competitor who makes a shed like Cook, matching the quality or price. Brooks said he’s confident if you’re looking for quality, then you’ll choose Cook.  Cook gives customers a piece of mind with the warranty backing up their craftsmanship.

He said you can always cut corners and find something cheaper, but then will you have a building you can trust to stand the test of time?  You can answer “yes,” with Cook sheds.  So, Brooks’ advice to those looking for a shed is to, “Buy your last shed, first.”