Things You Have Too Many of Around the House


We all have too many of some things cluttering up our houses. Things tend to accumulate over the years and we hold onto multiples thinking we will need them eventually. But think about taking note of these items and checking to see if some can be donated or tossed to make your home more organized.

But if you still need more space for the things you want to keep or are waiting to give away than think about adding some additional space with a Cook portable building. Convenient storage space right in your backyard will open up additional room inside your home.

Here is a helpful list of things that might be piling up around your house!

: With a glass for nearly every beverage your cupboard can fill up quickly. Analyze how much you use certain cups and glasses and see if any can be donated.

Tupperware: Go through your tower of Tupperware containers and try to match the bottoms to the tops. Those that don’t have tops or are damaged should be recycled.

Sheets/Towels: It’s not necessary to hold onto more than 3 sets of sheets per bed. For towels, try to use one for baths/showers, one for hair and one hand towel per week. Don’t forget to keep a couple larger towels for the pool or beach. Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb with sheets and towels.

Cleaning Products: It’s always a good idea to go through all those cleaning products sitting underneath your sink and see which ones you use regularly. Streamline your routine with an all-purpose cleaner, bathroom scrub and window cleaning product. Check expiration dates and toss anything that you haven’t used in several years.

Office Supplies: We all probably have a drawer full of pens, pencils, highlighters and other writing utensils. Go through and test to see if all these things still work. If you have notepads, folders and more try to use them. Also, reevaluate what you need to print and what you can saved electronically to conserve paper.

Books: Everyone holds onto favorite books from childhood to just the last great book you read. Go through your book shelves and really consider if you plan to read those books again. If not, donate them to a library, hospital, nursing home or just give them away to friends. Also, consider downloading books to an electronic reader like a Kindle or an iPad instead.

Vases: Most flower deliveries come with a complimentary vase. Over the years, those gifts begin to take over your valuable space in kitchen cabinets or closets. Keep one of each size and shape and donate the rest.  Or think about creating a terrarium or trying one of these other creative ideas.

Hangers: Having a jumble of plastic, wire and wooden hangers makes your closet look sloppy. Keep only the number that you will use daily and choose all the same style for a more uniform look.  Dry cleaners will typically take back old hangers.

Even if you pare down these things, you might just need more space for your stuff. A Cook shed is an easy way to get the extra space you need, with flexible buying options and hassle free delivery. Learn more about Cook buildings in our brochure!