Tips for Riding your Motorcycle Safely this Summer


If you’re a motorcycle rider than you know the warm weather months are the time to get out there and enjoy the open road. But the extremely sizzling temperatures bring new worries and concerns about the right gear and procedures for rides. You want to make sure you and your ride stay safe.

So for more tips on how to properly maintain your motorcycle, read this post! And if you plan to ride your motorcycle in a hot climate this summer, consider our advice for a safe and happy ride!

It’s very important to wear the right gear. Here are some tips on the correct apparel for summertime motorcycle rides:

First, you should always dress in layers. Because when you ride there will be wind-chill effect, even in the middle of summer. Put on thin, moisture-wicking layers that you can be easily remove whenever you make a pit-stop. These layers will also help protect your skin from sun and wind burn.

And invest in vented gear for air flow. These items include things like a face vented helmet, mesh or vented motorcycle jacket, gloves and pants. Other important gear to consider include a cooling motorcycle vest that can be soaked in water, motorcycle boots and moisture wicking socks to keep your feet cool and dry.

If you get really hot on one of your summer rides, soak your t-shirt in cold water, ring it out and put it back on under your motorcycle jacket. This is a simple and inexpensive way to cool yourself down.

You also might have to alter some of your riding day preparations and plans on those really hot days. So here are some simple ways to do that:

You might have to tweak your typical route in order to have the safest and most comfortable ride possible. Select routes with the most shade (avoid freeways when possible) and include higher elevation routes (if possible). Try to limit the amount of highways or streets with multiple stops like signs, traffic lights or ongoing construction.

Be smart when you choose the times for your ride. Early morning and early evening are superior to the brutal temperatures seen around mid-day.  If you do get stuck somewhere for an extended period of time, turn off the engine to conserve resources.

Be watchful and keep a careful eye on the road. In the summer, spots of oil can become hot and slippery so it’s best to avoid driving over them.

Other things to bring along on your ride in the summer include sunscreen, water or sports drinks, an umbrella to provide shade during a breakdown, a fully charged cell phone to call for help and extra motor oil in case your motorcycle overheats.

Another important thing to consider is having the right place to store your motorcycle through every season. A Cook Portable Warehouse provides a durable storage option right in your backyard. So next time you are ready for a ride, your bike will be ready to go too!

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