Ways to Get your Home Organized this Fall


From small to large organization tasks, your home is always in need of some cleaning or decluttering. All those to-do lists can get overwhelming for busy and growing families.

But you can easily organize your home starting with a single drawer and moving up to closets and entire rooms. Here is a helpful checklist from smaller projects that can be accomplished within a few hours to those over a day or a weekend. Fall is a great time to get some home projects completed before the weather gets too chilly.

A simple and smart way to stay organized and have enough space for all your family’s stuff is to add a Cook building. Conquer your clutter and store your things right on your property! Even if you don’t need a ton of extra space now, think a couple years into the future.

At Cook, we want to be the place for all your stuff and a source for everything about home organization. So here are some organizational projects to get started on today in your home!

Small Projects

Tackle that drawer or drawers where you throw all those miscellaneous items, also known as a junk drawer! Check to see if anything can be thrown away, like expired coupons, old batteries, etc.  An inexpensive way to organize you junk drawer is with a plastic silverware organizer, bank check boxes or even shoe boxes.

Gather your user manuals together in a three-ring binder to keep them all in one place. A circular wine rack is a great place to store magazines or newspapers.

Go through those stacks of photos and store in acid-free boxes and label them with the category of photos that are inside. Gather all those party items you used for fun summer barbecues and store them together in one place.

Closet Projects

The simplest way to make your closets look more organized is to replace those wire hangers with wooden or plastic ones for a more cohesive look. Repurpose ribbons from past gifts to tie around sets of sheets to keep everything together.

Think about any baskets or other bins not being used in another room as a great place to store scarves, socks and other smaller items. Or attach silver nails to a closet wall or door to hang necklaces.

Use space bags to shrink wrap those summer clothes to help save more space and then gather up all your winter sweaters and fold them neatly in bins.

Bathroom Projects

Attach a piece of corkboard to the inside of a door or a linen closet or laundry room and use push pins to hold buttons and other small items. Use a wooden peg board to hang items inside a bathroom closet such as hairbrushes, blow dryers, etc.

Go through your medicine cabinet and group them together by category, such as headache, allergy, etc.  Repurpose a desktop organizer for small bathroom necessities like cotton swabs, makeup and more. If you have a tiled bathroom wall, hang a mesh bag with suction cups to store bath toys.

After you accomplish some of these projects, you still might just need more space for your stuff. A Cook shed is an easy way to get the extra space you need, with flexible buying options and hassle free delivery. Read some other popular home storage and organizational tips from the Cook blog!