What to Buy (and What Not To) Buy in September

What to Buy in September -- Bicycles


After all those Labor Day sales, shopping for the best deals might not be the first thing on your mind. But, the good deals don’t stop once Labor Day weekend ends! There are plenty of other things to invest in this month.

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Here are a few of our ideas for what to buy in September and also a few to avoid until later on in the year.

Buy Now!

Older Generation Smartphones

With the release of the newest version of the iPhone 8 this week, prices will drop for the previous generations of smart phones.

Right after the launch, the prices will continue to plummet. If your phone is an older generation or you just need one for basic day-to-day use, next week is the time to take advantage.

Textbooks and School Supplies

Around the beginning of the school year, prices on books and other school supplies are at their peak. But once school gets back in gear, those prices will fall. If you can wait a week or so to shop for some of your textbooks (ones you won’t use until later in the semester or ask fellow students to share), you will secure the best deals.

Shopping online and comparing prices across websites is the best practice when it comes to textbook shopping. Another smart way to find good deals is to look for electronic reader versions of these books.

Bikes and Other Outdoor Equipment

Once the weather starts to cool down, it’s the time to invest or upgrade your outdoor equipment like bikes, scooters, ATVs and more. Now is the time to invest in a new set of wheels because many brands will release the newest models later this fall.

Many popular bike brands and well-reviewed biking accessories from last year will hit the lowest prices of the year this month.

Airfare and Cruises

This month is a great time to book your last-minute flight for an impromptu vacation or other upcoming trip because prices are typically below average. Many airlines are offering great deals on one-way or roundtrip tickets to specific destinations.

Also, if you are experiencing the travel itch (or just want a trip to look forward to later this year), now is the time to look into booking a cruise. In 2016, last minute cruises were up to 20 percent off in September.

Wait to Buy!

Newest Smartphones: Try to wait until the week of Black Friday (if you can!) to upgrade your smartphone to the newest one. Last year, prices on the iPhone 7 didn’t drop until late in November.

Coffee: Wait until next month to stock up your coffee and Keurig supplies because September 29th is National Coffee Day. So, that day will be the start of promotions and other deals on coffee grounds, beans, and accessories.

Appliances: After Labor Day sales end oftentimes stores will have a leftover stockpile of home appliances that didn’t sell. Last year, some stores, like Home Depot, decreased prices between 30-40 percent.

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