What to Buy in June and What to Pass On

With June and summer in high gear, there are many good deals out there. But there are also plenty of things to avoid or wait to buy until later this year when prices will be lower.

If you are watching your wallet carefully to save up for those summer vacations, camps, and other fun entertainment options, we completely understand. It’s important to stay smart with investments from large to small purchases year-round.

In fact, we have shared our perspective on the best and worst deals every month. Look back with the links below!






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Read on for our recommendations on what to buy in June and what you might want to pass on!

Ideas of What to Buy in June

Gifts for Dad

The big holiday in June is of course Father’s Day, which provides a chance to say thanks to dear old dad! Check for good deals on restaurant gift cards or dining out on Father’s Day. And if you want to get dad something different than the same old tie, consider workshop or classes in your area on Groupon or Living Social.

Another popular gift for dads are recliners or lounge chairs. And June brings great discounts on all shapes and sizes of chairs. The new inventory comes out in August, so now is the time to buy. Or wouldn’t dad love a Cook Portable Warehouse to turn into his very own man cave? See how in this blog.


Produce and Frozen Treats

With growing season in full bloom the amount and variety of good quality produce is the best it will be all year. Prices on in-season fruit and vegetables such as berries, peaches, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and corn will drop by as much as 50 percent in grocery stores.

And June is National Dairy Month, which began to promote drinking milk nearly 100 years ago. Look for promotions from brands with milk and milk products (and some Lactose free products as well).


Last Minute Summer Vacations

If you waited until the last minute to plan your summer vacation, now is the time to get it booked! If you are looking for a tropical vacation, June is a great month to travel because it’s off-peak season, but the weather is still very warm and clear. Other trips to places that have cool climates nationally and internationally are also available if you do a little searching.


Gym Memberships

Due to the beautiful weather, most of us are more likely to spend our time outside exercising or on family vacations. So typically, there are less new members at gyms, so make time to shop for the best rates and negotiate to get the best deal or an introductory rate.

Or just turn your Cook shed into a gym, here is how!

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Wait to Buy

June is not the time to purchase electronics such as laptops, TVs and Google Home/Amazon Echo. For laptops, wait until back to school sales and for TVs try to wait until later in the year when prices will be reduced. And Apple could be releasing a new Bluetooth speaker later this month, so hold off on buying any similar purchases.

Also, avoid watches and jewelry until after Father’s Day. There will be a big-time gap between major gift-giving holidays, so jewelry stores will start offering great deals later this summer.


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