What to Know about Commuting on your Motorcycle


You love riding your bike especially in those months when the weather is warm and nice outside. So don’t forget to read our post with tips on motorcycle safety in the summer.

And commuting with your bike to and from work is a great way to wake you up in the mornings and help you save money on gas. Those savings can be put back into your home with a Cook Portable Warehouse as a safe and secure place to store your bike year round.

Use these tips to learn more about how to commute to work by motorcycle and the perks of this plan!

Get the right gear

If you plan to commute throughout the year, you need to be prepared for a variety of temperatures and weather events. Even if you live in a relatively mild climate, think about how the temperature early in the morning differs from the evening.

These varied conditions mean you need appropriate gear for all types of weather. A smart investment is a riding suit that can be worn over your business clothes without causing wrinkles. Or just get one light and one heavier motorcycle jacket to keep with you.

Other items to invest in for a successful commute on your bike include base layers, gloves, neck warmer, heated grips and a helmet with a photochromatic lens.

Plan ahead of time

Most likely you will be riding the same or very similar route daily to and from work. This makes it easy to plan ahead of time what you will need to bring. Attach any important things like your driver’s license, work ID card or payment for toll roads. Keep these things safe and secure on your person.

Also, think about how to transport your work clothes and shoes safely along with everything else you need for the day like your lunch, important business papers and a change of clothes. Space will be at a premium so be smart about what you bring. You don’t have a whole backseat for storage anymore.

Make sure you know where gas stations are throughout your route, just in case. Check with your boss or the building manager about the right places to park your bike. And bring a lock and chain and make sure it’s secured to a heavy, immovable object.

Pick the right bike

Since you will be riding regularly (at least 5 days per week) through traffic and a variety of weather conditions, it’s important to pick a bike that is comfortable and practical.

Look for rides with good weather protection, comfortable seating and upright ergonomics to help increase your control, provide more room for your stuff and decrease discomfort to your back and neck.

Other smart features to look for are ABS and Traction Control. Also, think about ongoing costs for fuel, the tire life and other service intervals. Remember with increased usage, it’s important to check your tire wear and pressure regularly.

Stay alert

Just because you are accustomed to a certain route near your home or office doesn’t mean you should be less vigilant on the road. Always pay attention and don’t be complacent on the road especially after a long day at work.

Be smart about riding to work during bad weather conditions. If a large rain or snow storm is predicted, take your car or grab a ride with a co-worker that day.

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