Why Cook Sheds are Built to Last


At Cook Portable Warehouses, what makes us different from the average portable shed company is our dedication to every customer. The Cook Difference is seen in the quality of our materials and how our buildings stand through the test of time.

But sometimes our customers are faced with more than just normal wear and tear over the years. A big weather event can come at any time. If it does, you want to know your storage shed will be strong and sound.

Here are two truly special customer testimonials and more about the Cook Difference.

Customer Stories

Recently, two of our customers have shared their stories of how a Cook shed exceeded their expectations amid very bad circumstances. These stories illustrate the importance of choosing a quality shed and a company with a reputation for lasting customer service.


Dorothy Baldwin of Wildwood, Florida said her choice of a Cook building saved her life when a large oak tree nearly crushed her home this summer.

In July, a tree falling in the direction of her bedroom was stopped by her 12-foot by 24-foot Cook Lofted Barn. The tree landing on her shed’s roof prevented it from damaging her house and truck.

“I could have purchased a shed that was a little cheaper but if I had done that, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Baldwin said.


Adam Jolley of Conroe, Texas had a 40-foot tree fall onto his building’s roof. He said the tree trunk weighted about 3,000 pounds.

“Amazingly your building held up like a champ,” Jolley said.  “This is a testament to the solid construction.” 

Building Features

Those Cook buildings were able to withstand these incidents thanks to our solid building construction that ensures our sheds can take heavy contact and remain standing.

The 2×4 gusseted trusses in our shingled roof system are placed 24-inches from the center to prevent sagging from heavy weight. All our shingles are grade “A” and have a 20 or 25-years manufacturer’s limited warranty. We also offer a metal roof system with 29-gauge steel for added strength.

Using double stud construction in the sidewalls where sheets of siding meet prevents separation and adds strength to the shed. Ring shank coated nails used in our sidewall construction provide maximum holding strength from the swelling and contracting of sidewall material.

 The 2×8 top wall plates in Cook barns and lofted barns are notched to allow for the siding to be placed into the framing, which adds to the strength and durability of the building by creating a better seal against weather.

We are proud to be an integral part of every customer’s life and we work hard to construct warehouses that withstand life’s changes. Learn more about what makes Cook different with the top three things by clicking below!