Slide yard grey tan brown cedar red green black brown grey painteddesert garden shed with grey roof garden shed with desert roof garden shed with brown roof Rustic Cedar Natural Timber Rustic Hickory Rustic Black Grey Tan Brown Cedar Red white garden shed with black roof White Green cedar brown tan grey red green white Grey Tan Brown Cedar Red Green White garden shed with white trim garden shed with tan trim garden shed with brown trim garden shed with cedar trim garden shed with green trim garden shed with grey trim garden shed with red trim Shingles Siding Trim
Please Note
For larger images of the shingle colors, please click here. However, due to varying computer screen resolutions and settings, the color you see on your screen may not be accurate. Please see your local dealer for shingle and siding samples that will display the true color and texture.

Use the Cook Build your Warehouse Tool to help you visualize what your custom Cook shed will look like after it’s built, checked and delivered right to you!

Click to check out the different color options for the shingles and siding and once you have created your perfect shed, fill out the form below completely with the building specifications and your contact information. After you complete the form, a local Cook dealer will review your submission and contact you to discuss your custom building and pricing.

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